Hardy’s growing up

Hardy’s growing up

Elaine and Bryan left Hardy with us for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.  He had just been through his first doggie training session.    Life is getting tougher .. it’s not all about chasing butterflies, chewing nodding flowers on long stems, going on adventures through ‘granny’s’ garden, running and playing with all the other dogs in the park, and all the fun things puppies get up to!!!!

It’s time to learn lots of things!!!   His ‘mom and dad’  are teaching him basic commands which he’s picking up quickly.   Such a clever boy !!   But now it’s serious stuff!!   Now it’s listening and doing, on command so he doesn’t run riot in parks and cause a rumpus when other dogs

All that concentration is exhausting for a little fellow

Copy of IMG_4999

He half-heartedly chewed a stick …

Copy of IMG_5003

.. playing with a ball seemed such an effort …

Copy (2) of IMG_5005

Succumbed to beauty sleep …

Copy of IMG_5007

Copy of IMG_5010 Copy of IMG_5011

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