Throwback Thursdays : 1989 highlights and favourites

Throwback Thursdays : 1989 highlights and favourites

Cutting it fine for a Thursday !!!  We’ve been without power for hours today !!!  Grabbing time on the computer was difficult

Jeanette was in Matric – last year of high school … Carl was in his first year of high school ….

Jan 89 - Carls 1st day high school Std 6- J-Std 10

January : girls sharing secrets

Jan 89 - girls secrets

… and building towers  …

Jan 89 - girls secrets 1

Jan 89 - P & E

JJan 89 -  rockery in full bloom

February : Poor child .. only had a basin as a sandpit !   But it was genuine sea sand .. with shells!

Feb  89 - E playing with sand

March :  “a day out at Sun City with my cousin Daniella”

March 89 - E & D Sun City

My Mum and Dad were visiting for a few weeks around Easter time …

March 89 - Easter search with Grandpa

March 89 - E, D & Granny - Easter

Yummm choccie Easter eggs …

March 89 - E,& D - Easter

April :

April 89 -  Mum Dad & E

May : Out for a breakfast to the Riviera Hotel on the banks of the Vaal River … (the era of the bright baggy jerseys !!)

May 89 -  Riviera Hotel, Vaal River

May 89 -

May 89 -  J & E Riviera Hotel, Vaal River

There’s no child that doesn’t like playing in crunchy autumn leaves

May 89 -  Autumn leaves

Jeanette ready to go to her boyfriend’s Matric Dance.     Dress made by me – (open all the way down the back)   Wild bushy hair was very ‘in’ then 🙂

May 89 -  Matric Dance - David ( St Stithians)

July :    Our first, of many,  Ballito holidays ..

July 89 -  Ballito  J & E beach

July 89 -  Ballito E sandcastle

July 89 - Ballito

A day out in Durban … at the beachfront …

July 89 - Ballito (Durban beachfront)

July 89 - Ballito 2

July 89 - Ballito 3

July 89 - Ballito 4

Our gorgeous Jeanette (new bikini .. not tanned yet ;))

July 89 - J Ballito

This is the only photograph I have of our morning tea/rumpus on our bed – sun streaming in the bedroom in the unit at Ballito.  Morning tea in ‘mom and dads’ bed was a ritual while they were growing up … every morning!!   I miss those days 🙁

July 89 - Ballito 5

Japanese Gardens in Durban …

July 89 - Ballito 6 (Japanese Gardens, Dbn)

August :  Elaine’s 3rd birthday.    This is the only photo I have of Sina, our home/family helper, who joined us in 1977 and retired six months ago !!

Aug 89 - E's 3rd birthday

Elaine didn’t have any little friends .. how sad is that 🙁  .. so Daniella was the only one at her birthday.  The following year she went to playgroup to interact with kiddies of her own age, instead of always been with adults

Aug 89 - E's 3rd birthday  2

Yay .. birthday prezzie .. a new piano ..


September :  A brand new baby cousin – Kevin

Sept 89 - Kevin 3 weeks old

Sept 89 - E & D

Jeanette’s Matric Dance …  blind date (she didn’t like much at all) .. heels digging into soft wet ground … body language not good !!  🙂    But she had a ball that evening!  Ditched the guy and had fun !!!    She looks gorgeous!!    (dress made by me)

Sept 89 - J's matric dance

October :  My Mum and Dad were visiting again that year.   Major decisions for them – they were in the throws of deciding whether to come down to South Africa to live.  My Mum flew down to Cape Town to look at housing etc, leaving my Dad with us.  In this photo he was drawing our house.  He was in a bit of a tizz about the whole move and this helped to keep him calm.  The decision to leave Zimbabwe was a bad one as it turned out.  They in fact did move about 6 months later.  By that time my Dad was spiralling down with depression.  We were all hoping he’d be ok once settled in Cape Town but it didn’t happen.  He went further and further into depression.  A very difficult time for them and all of us.   A long, long story

Oct 89 - Dad & E

Copy of IMG_5053

November : Kevin’s christening .. with Kathy’s Dad …

Nov 89 - Kevin's christening


Nov 89 - P & me

Nov 89 - 3 children

Our family, with our dog Dennis

Nov 89 - family portrait

December :   Boxing Day :  Kathy and Kevin

Dec 89 - boxing day - Kathy & kevin

The cousins are growing …

Dec 89 - boxing day - E & D

Last piccie for 1989 – Elaine and ‘goldie’   the first of several goldfish!!    Each one ending in a watery funeral down the loo to meet up and swim for forever more with all the other goldfish!!!

Dec 89 - E & goldie

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