Flowers and neighbours

Flowers and neighbours

I’ve been busy in the garden lately, even though it’s been hot out there.  With wide brimmed hat and sunblock and a dip in the pool in between tidying and trimming, I’ve achieved quite a bit.  I tend to follow the garden shadows keeping out of the beating down sun as best I can.  I do get rather annoyed though when I have to do unnecessary gardening.    Unnecessary gardening caused by high winds and storms which came across our bit of Gauteng, thus shredding broad leafed plants and the one or two shrubs falling over.  Shrubs don’t usually fall over but my neighbour keeps cutting back tall shoots which touch his electric fence.  That I don’t mind at all but when it comes to leaning over the wall and cutting more than just the bits resting against the wall reaching for his electric fence, I get annoyed!!!

A few weeks ago I had to cut back – to hip height – a large white plumbago (in full flower mind you!!!)   It had collapsed in a heap with uneven weight.   Last week he cut two indigenous jasmine creepers, which, I must admit, have long tendrils with grow ever-so fast, twirling and twisting until they reach his fence.   Both those got the chop … at wall height … whilst in full flower !!   The remainder plants then collapsed …  trellises and all 🙁     I raised the white flag … I surrendered !!!   Said creepers got the final chop from me, with-wide-brimmed-hat-and-sunblock, in the heat of the day.  I was that angry!!   The purpose of the jasminoides trachelospermum was to cover the wall and palisade, atop the wall, thus hiding his air conditioner and a toilet window, both of which we see from our front door!!!   Doesn’t make for a fine entrance !!!

I have over the many years .. we’ve been in this house for 35 years (!) … changed that bit of garden, from just roses, to large shrubs ..  to a tree and a huge conifer with small plants underneath ..  to chopping all that down because lightening strikes anything tall in this garden!!     Now there are roses, lavender, perennials, a potato bush (Solanum rantonnetii) and Brunfelsia (yesterday, today and tomorrow) (both of which hide the neighbours granny cottage frontage.   I’m now left with a full view of the air conditioner and loo window!  Plan B .. or should it be  Plan C .. D .. or  E or even F!!!!   It doesn’t stand for Fail or anything else which comes to most minds (not mine as I don’t swear .. not at all!!!!)   I will not be defeated !!!!  I just like my privacy and a view that’s pleasing.

Enough ranting !!!    This morning, after a night of gentle rain (we, for once, were not subjected to the storms I believe hit other areas)  … I wandered through the garden with camera in hand.   The air smelt fresh, the lawn damp under foot, plants and flowers sparkled

Blue salvia …

Copy of IMG_5066

Wild Iris …

Copy of IMG_5081

Pink salvia …

Copy of IMG_5077 Copy of IMG_5085

‘Brilliant’ iceberg …

Copy of IMG_5084

Zinnia …

Copy of IMG_5087

Fuschia …

Copy of IMG_5093

Pride of India …

Copy of IMG_5096 Copy of IMG_5102

Copy of IMG_5068 Copy of IMG_5071


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