Connor has green fingers

Connor has green fingers

When Connor was in Pre-primary he used to bring home, in his pocket, seeds which he had found on the ground, to plant in my garden ūüôā¬†¬†¬† My gardener, Samuel, in his wisdom, sometimes leaves weeds to flourish and plants are whipped out (usually when small and insignificant)¬† This is what has happened to the little seeds, from Connor’s pocket, that germinate.¬†¬† Samuel even went as far as to take out two young plants that were growing in pots!!!!¬†¬† Connor and I decided to¬†plant them directly into¬†a pot¬†so that Samuel wouldn’t get his hands on them.¬† That didn’t work.

Finally we decided to plant seeds where I knew Samuel wouldn’t see them –¬†two amongst herbs and two right up against a downpipe.¬†¬† Success !!!¬† One against the downpipe didn’t survive but one has …

Copy of IMG_5140

Two in the herb garden have flourished!!

Copy of IMG_5136

Hubby and I went to the Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery this morning and there I discovered what they are:  Calpurnia aura .. a small tree 2-4 metres (photo from )


The reason for¬†our visit to this nursery was to¬†buy a tree to replace my beautiful silver birch which we used to sit under for summer lunches and teas, and, which¬†was cut down¬†having been struck by lightening.¬† I planted a Pride of India in it’s place but, oh my .. it’s been soooo¬†slow!!¬†¬† I’ve now¬†whipped that out as we would¬†probably never sit under it’s shade in our lifetime (in this house)¬†and¬†replanted it to hide the neighbours side of house and¬†ugly air conditioner¬†.¬† I’ve been researching small trees, especially indigenous, to put in ‘the spot’.¬† In the end,¬† it was to be either a Wild Pear ‘Dombeya rotundiflora’¬† or a Pompom tree ‘Dais cotinifolia’ .¬†¬†¬† According to the nursery the Pompom tree is faster growing …. we have a winner!!!!¬† Hopefully, we’ll be able to sit under it’s shade !!

Now … where do I plant Connor’s little tree?¬†¬†¬†I’ll give the other two to¬†his mom ūüôā ¬†¬† Just need to lift them carefully without damaging the roots.¬† I read that they should be split when full leaves appear.¬† The two larger ones have several full leaves.¬† Holding thumbs!!

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