Throwback Thursdays: 1990 part 2

Throwback Thursdays: 1990 part 2

1990 continued  :

May : Elaine and Suzie in autumn leaves

May 90 - E and Suzie - in leaves

August :   Elaine and playgroup friends celebrating her 4th birthday

Aug 90 - E 's 4th birthday 1

Blowing out candles with cousins, Daniella and Kevin

Aug 90 - E 's 4th birthday 2

September :   Spring flowers

Sept  90 - Spring

October :   Elaine and I flew down to Cape Town for a few days (could have been a week)  to see my Mum and Dad.   Walking around the beautiful gardens of Kirstenbosch ….  (my Dad was looking at a sundial 🙂 )

Oct 90 - Kirstenbosch 1

They used to take a picnic basket for tea in the gardens regularly.  It was my first time in the gardens …


“Biggie Best”  shop in Cavendish square in that gorgeous old building.   There is now a huge shopping centre opposite which we saw on our recent trip in Oct/Nov this year

Oct 90 - Biggie Best in Cavendish square

Chelsea Village in Wynberg is within walking distance from where Mum and Dad were living at the time.   The neighbourhood of Wynberg has the highest concentration of historical buildings in South Africa.  Mum and I strolled around the very interesting Chelsea Village, each building a National Monument …

Oct 90 - Chelsea village 1

Oct 90 - Chelsea village

We picnicked on the banks of the Eesterivier in Stellenbosch on a terribly windy day, and looks like quite chilly ….   (my Dad remembered picnicking on the banks of the same river as a student when he was on holiday from Rhodes University)

Oct 90 - Eesterivier Stellenbosch

Oct 90 - Eesterivier Stellenbosch 1

I remember taking this photograph of the Stellenbosch mountains  as it brought back so many memories for my Dad.  Several oil paintings in our family have these mountains as backdrops …  (I think I took the photo from Paul Roos High School grounds where my grandfather went to school)

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 1

Krige’s Cottages, Dorp Street :   this building used to a dairy when my grandfather Ralph Keay, lived here, and as a young boy, he walked from their home to collect milk …

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 6

My Dad was unsure as to which of these two houses on Herold Street his father lived in …

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 7

I took the photographs many years ago to show his sister, Marjory, but she was also unsure which one it was …  they were both certain it was the first one, but couldn’t be absolutely sure  …

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 8

We had a fascinating walking tour of the Stellenbosch Village Museum

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 3

1.  Schreuderhuis built in 1709, survived the first great fire in Stellenbosch and is the oldest restored and documented town house in South Africa.  The style is typical of Stellenbosch homes during the period 1680-1720 …

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 2

2. Blettermanhuis:   restored and furnished to illustrate a wealthy Stellenbosch home from the period 1750-1790.    Blettermanhuis was built in 1789 …

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 4

3.  Grosvenor House :  originally built by Christian Ludolph Neethling in 1782 :  is one of the most ‘outstanding examples of a two-storey, flat roofed patrician town house’.     The large garden and early 19th century appointments represents the period 1800-1830 …

Oct 90 - Stellenbosch 5

I remember not being able to get a good photograph of no 4. Om Berguis because large trees.  It is a typical mid-nineteenth century home from period 1850-1870.  Om Bergh and his family lived in the house from 1836-1877

Another place Mum and Dad frequently walked around was the Silvermine Nature Reserve ..

Oct 90 - Silvermine nature reserve

The three of us, Mum, Elaine and I climbed half way up this mountain while my Dad sat under the shade …

Oct 90 - Silvermine nature reserve 1

Fish Hoek …

Oct 90 - Fish Hoek

Oct 90 - Fish Hoek 1

Groot Constantia …

Oct 90 - Groot Constantia

At the Scratch Patch in Simonstown : filled with semi precious stones for the picking!!!    Once collected, the bag is weighed and you pay accordingly.  I still have all those beautiful stones we collected …  (I wonder whether this place still exists)

Oct 90 - Scratch patch - Simonstown 1 Oct 90 - Scratch patch - Simonstown

November :  Scampy 8 weeks old .. our new Fox Terrier puppy

Nov 90 - Scampy 8 weeks

Christmas Day :   at Ian Kathy’s home

Dec 90 - Xmas day

Fun with cousins, Daniella and Kevin

Dec 90 - Xmas day 1

Phew !   managed to do this before loadshedding !!!!

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