Throwback Thursday : Ten years ago

Throwback Thursday : Ten years ago

My son, Carl, turns 40 on Saturday !!!   Forty!!   Four-oh!!   I will then have two children in their 40’s  !!   Holy moly!!

Ten years ago, Carl and Nicole were living in Durban and Nicole organised a surprise 30th birthday party for him.    Hubby, Elaine and I drove down for the weekend and stayed at a lovely B&B in Kloof.   Nicole’s parents also drove down for the weekend staying with friends so as not to give the game away.  Carl had no idea at all!

We all gathered at a restaurant in Durban and waited for the birthday boy 🙂    Both Carl and Nicole are paramedics and unbeknown to him, Nicole had organised for him to be on night shift  .. a long night ahead .. on his 30th birthday!!    Not the best way to celebrate a birthday, especially a 30th!!    The call centre was ‘ in ‘ on the evenings events and called his response vehicle to respond to an emergency at the restaurant.    Response vehicle outside with Carl leaping out and grabbing his medical kit to attend the ’emergency’

Copy of IMG_0147

Surprise !!!!   No heart attack patient … friends and family instead  !!!

Copy of Img_0150

I remember him being a little taken aback and it took a while for the penny to really drop.  There was no emergency.  He was NOT on duty.   He was NOT on night shift.  Nicole had a change of clothing.   He could relax and enjoy his birthday !!

Still a little stunned, he bid goodnight to his crew ..

Copy of Img_0151

Copy of IMG_0154

So pleased to see and hug his little sister ..

Copy of IMG_0155

Nicole’s Mum and Dad, and me, with Tanith .. Nicole’s partner in crime 🙂

Copy of IMG_0152

Sadly, those are the only photographs we have of that evening.

But, let me elaborate on the weekend.   We stayed in a wonderful B&B run by a super couple.  He was a tea taster and a very interesting chappie to chat to.  About a year or so after this, they sold their home and B&B

Our room was above the garage and Elaine’s attic room was in the main house ..

Collages171 Stunning view from the patio ..

Copy of IMG_0136

Copy of IMG_0139

Copy of IMG_0134

Copy of IMG_0137

Next morning we drove to the other side of the ravine – B&B marked by *** ..

Copy of IMG_0160

Copy of IMG_0162

Copy of IMG_0161

The old Kloof Station where we had lunch on our arrival  ..



The day after Carl’s party we joined Carl, Nicole and her Mum and Dad for tea and birthday cake at C and N’s  house in Hillcrest, before spending a couple of hours at Ushaka Marine World in Durban ..

Copy of IMG_0166 Copy of IMG_0167

Ushaka Marine World ..

Copy of IMG_0213

Feb 2005 - Carl's 30th

Copy of IMG_0168 Copy of IMG_0169

Copy of IMG_0171

Copy of IMG_0173

Copy of IMG_0178 Copy of IMG_0179 Copy of IMG_0184

Copy of IMG_0185 Copy of IMG_0186 Copy of IMG_0188

Copy of IMG_0196 Copy of IMG_0205 Copy of IMG_0207

Copy of IMG_0212

Copy of IMG_0217

Copy of Img_0215

Copy of IMG_0229 Copy of IMG_0237

Feb 2005 - Carl's 30th 1

Majority of the photos are taken with our first digital camera

Great memories my boy !!!    … and in two days time you’ll be turning 40 !!


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