Carl’s 40th birthday

Carl’s 40th birthday

My son turned 40 on Saturday !!    He wanted a casual relaxing day with friends and family.  It was perfect!   The venue:  Kaya Beach in Kempton Park.  We live in Johannesburg, nowhere near the sea but there is this amazing venue with white sand and benches.  You take your shoes off 🙂  … you relax … you enjoy … you eat … it’s fun … it’s differentes

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I found the glare from the white sand and cloudy skies was tricky for photos – if there’s a solution I don’t know it – hence the bright cake !!

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Carl is a Freemason and asked me to make a Freemason cake.   Googling toppings was daunting as most were in detail, some intricately so, and way beyond my capability.  I go for simple!!!    I want guests to eat and enjoy the cake (my usual choccie cake never fails!!!)   So this was the result … it was the first time I’d tried cut-outs made with fondant.  He was pleased .. he loved it 🙂

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Ian and Kathy flew up from Cape Town especially for his birthday.  Very special indeed 🙂

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Love this one of Carl and Nicole ..

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There is even a resident Springbok which has been hand-reared by the owners since she was born.  She thinks she’s a rooster though and follows them all around the large enclosure ..

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Bradley took a liking to the homemade bread …


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Carl and his ‘little’ sister …   (I took a photo of the two of them 10 years ago on his 30th – see previous blog post)

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Erin wanted one trick candle ..

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Helping hands for cutting the cake  ..

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Family photo time !!!!

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A rare photograph … hubby and I with our three children

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Love this one – also a very rare photograph – we never seem to take a photograph of our  three children together.  In fact the last time was at Carl and Nicole’s wedding 15 years ago !!!!

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