Throwback Thursday : snippets from the 1960’s !!

Throwback Thursday : snippets from the 1960’s !!

I haven’t had time to go through all of the next year, being 1992, in my sequence of TBT.    Each year my photographs increased in numbers.  I thought of putting up one or two, but that’s as far as it went.

My cousin Peter, and his partner are out here from England, on holiday.  We haven’t seen each other since we were both in high school .. around 40 years ago!!!!!  It was wonderful seeing him and meeting his partner, even though we only had a few hours over a cup of tea to reminisce and catch up.  Definitely not long enough!!!    My parents, brothers and I often went down to the Natal coast on holidays, from Rhodesia, and always spent family time with our Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

Having touched on ‘the old days’ briefly, I took out my old photograph album today – my very first one (!)-  as I remembered I had a few photographs of our Natal cousins which I had taken with my very first camera, a Brownie 127 !!!    (which my children played with for many, many years and sadly ended up in the bin 🙁  )




IMG_5535 IMG_5537

My other cousin, Gavin, and I grew up together in Bulawayo (he is on my mum’s side whereas cousin Peter is on my dad’s side).  We both were given our first cameras for Christmas 1961 so naturally as children do, we took photographs of each other with our brand new cameras !    And we clicked at exactly the same time !!!

Copy of IMG_5526

Must add this photograph of our home, Craigo, in Bulawayo, from my first page of the album .. also taken in 1961.   That’s my Mum’s car – a Morris Minor Traveller Station Wagon – it was dark green with a wood trim.  As children, we loved that car especially when we sat at the back with back doors wide open and legs dangling over the edge while in motion!!!!!!!  Horrors when I think of it now!!!!!  Even though Mum drove very slowly!!!   Bulawayo has large humps in the roads and we used to love it when she drove up and down the humps !!!!  We had to hold the back doors open and hope our fingers didn’t get squashed!!!   I grew up with boys – brothers and cousins – and had to do what they did!!!    (I think the dips were for rain water as another memory is of us getting stuck, in this car, in the middle of a dip with rain water up to the doors!!! – not with our legs dangling!!)

Copy of IMG_5525

Getting back to cousin Peter.  On this particular holiday, in 1964, we stayed at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks, north of Durban.   In those days the hotel was a lovely family establishment, unlike now –  54 years later – it’s a luxury five-star hotel.  It was originally built in 1869 as a beach cottage and retained its name when it was converted into a hotel in the 1930’s …


Iconic lighthouse still operates today …


On Umhlanga Rocks beach .. my Mum and Dad in the middle, Auntie Marjie and Sally, Peter and Michael and our Granny (mother to my Dad and Marjie)

Copy of IMG_5517


Lastly in this group of photos, I am adding a photograph of the Rhodesia Castle docked in Durban harbour.   I remember feeling so excited to see a ship named after our country !!!

Rhodesia Castle (Union-Castle Line) built in 1951 – scrapped in 1967

Copy of IMG_5524

Wonderful memories !!!!

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