Spiders and webs

Spiders and webs

Well …. I’m not ‘into’ spiders at all!!!  Living and growing up in Rhodesia, spiders on the walls were common, especially those flat wall spiders, we called them.  Completely harmless my mother always said, but we did push our beds away from the wall a touch so they wouldn’t join us in bed !!!  We also had plenty of ‘daddy long-legs’ crawling about the place !!    I am convinced my Mum brought ‘daddy long-legs’ with her when she came for visits, tucked into bits and pieces she always brought in the boot of their car.  Parents have a habit of handing down stuff!!!!  My stuff came from Rhodesia in dribs and drabs in the boot of the car!!    I am sure a pair of ‘daddy long-legs’ or just eggs made it’s way across the border!!!  Our garage always has lots of them hanging around !!!

We do have other spiders from tiny ones to the large rain spiders but this particular spider I haven’t seen before.  No idea what it’s called.  Going through spider websites gives me the creeps .. absolute creeps !!   This is either a long-legged sac spider or a long jawed orb weaver but I could be wrong on both counts.  This one too, looks very similar to the one we found on our bed recently.   Could even be the same one which wouldn’t die after numerous puffs of insect spray and was tossed over the wall!!   My blog post :


Copy of IMG_5509

That one, above, was on our bed.  This one below is in our dining room …

Copy of IMG_5630

They don’t appear to be the same from the angle I could capture them.  The second one has longer front legs.

He was frantically making a web this morning.  Most pics were blurred because he was very very busy (!!) but this was the best web-making photo out of those I took ..

Copy of IMG_5560

This afternoon he was quiet and still …

Copy of IMG_5638

I’ve cropped a photograph to get a closer look, hoping it’s not too sharp and grainy ..

Copy of IMG_5634

Even doing this, I still can’t identify him from the hundreds on the website.

This evening he was sleeping (I suppose) … most peculiar !!

Copy of IMG_5658

It would be nice if anyone could identify him .. not that it’s makes a difference to me as I’m really not interested in spiders but it would be nice to know if he has a nasty bite or not!!

Moving outside:   yesterday I spotted these webs :-   this one could be a similar spider ..

Copy of IMG_5569

Copy of IMG_5574

Copy (2) of IMG_5569

Below is another web .. rather perfect !!!     I didn’t get too close, but looking at it now, could the centre piece be a sleeping spider ???  .. as the one in the house ??  .. or is it a prospective tasty morsel ??

Copy (2) of IMG_5583

If they’re all the same species of spiders .. holy moly, we have lots of them!!!!


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