Throwback Thursday : 1992 highlights and special memories

Throwback Thursday : 1992 highlights and special memories

My Mum and Dad had moved from Cape Town up to Johannesburg during the latter part of 1991.  Our thinking was that my Dad would be happier being closer to us all.  That didn’t happen.

January :    New Years Day 1992 with Ian, Kathy and children, hubby’s Mum and Dad and my Mum and Dad

Jan 92 - New Years Day 2


…  Girls soaking up the sun!!    Jeanette and Natalie (Gallagher) – varsity buddies

Jan 92 - J, E and Natalie (2)

April :  Elaine started ballet at nursery school and loved it !!!

April 92 - ballerina

May :   Picnicking at the Vaal River with my Mum and Dad …

May 92 - Vaal River

It was actually May 1st, my Mums birthday, and Elaine lost her first baby tooth!!  .. Then lost it in the long grass !!!   She was most upset !!  I had to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy that night ..

May 92 - Vaal River - E's tooth

… French knitting ..

May 92 - E french knitting

..   Hubby, Elaine and I had a short break at Sondela Nature Reserve in Limpopo situated about 90 minutes from Johannesburg …

May 92 -  Sondela

It was lovely.  No Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino) roaming around so we could walk through the bushveld at our leisure spotting zebra, giraffe, plenty of warthogs, several buck species and an abundance of birdlife

May 92 -  Sondela 2


Covered path leading to a hide overlooking a waterhole ..

May 92 -  Sondela 1

There was a kiddies farmyard …  her love of horses began

May 92 -  Sondela 5

May 92 -  Sondela 6

Not far from Sondela is a small town, Bela Bela (used to be called Warmbaths) where there is a Mineral Bath.  It’s part of a huge resort but in those days it wasn’t as large as it is now and because it was midweek, it was empty.  We had the whole pool and mineral bath to ourselves ..

May 92 -  Sondela 4


May 92 -  Sondela 3

Later in May :  My eldest brother Richard came down from Zimbabwe to spend a few days with my Mum and Dad ..

May 92 -  Richard

July  :   Ballito .. again !    We rented the same unit in the same block – The Boulders


Carl ditched his fishing rod but was still determined to catch a fish with Elaine’s kiddies fishing net … for Elaine of course 😉  small pic in collage above .. Carl in between the rocks trying to catch that elusive fish!!!
‘Bottoms up’   (Carl on right 🙂 )   … still trying !!!!

July 92 -  Ballito 4


July 92 -  Ballito 11

July 92 -  Ballito 8

Something you no longer see in Ballito .. octopus caught on the rocks.  Last year we had a chat with a local couple who were gathering their quota of mussels and they said the abundance of fish, crayfish and lobster had diminished drastically over the last 20 years (btw this one was put back into the sea once he’d shown the children)

July 92 -  Ballito 12

We always spent our afternoons scrambling over the rocks ..

July 92 -  Ballito 7

This little guy came to say hello just about every day ..

July 92 -  Ballito 10

It must have been a miz day for us to find something to do like 10-pin bowling …

July 92 -  Ballito 9

My aunt and uncle, Marjie and John (Marjie being my Dad’s sister) popped in for tea from Hillcrest.  My parents had rented their own apartment

July 92 -  Ballito 2

August :   Elaine’s 6th birthday with friends from Wonderland Nursery School (her cake was a hat cake, made by me of course)   (note to Elaine – all their names are at the back of the pic.  Do you spot  Desirée ?:)  Elaine’s friend through primary school

Aug 92 -  E's 6th b-day 2

Aug 92 -  E's 6th b-day 3

September  :  Kevin’s 3rd birthday …

Sept 92 -  Kevin's 3rd B-day

October  :    Nursery school end of year concert.  Elaine was a bear in her first ballet appearance on stage and a waitress in a segment ‘ Have you seen the Muffin Man’


Our doggies .. Dennis and Scampy ..

Oct 92 -  P, E, Dennis and Scampy

December  :  Elaine’s graduation from Wonderland Nursery School with her teacher, Mrs Helen Tracey ..

Dec 92 -  Nursery school graduation

Christmas Eve :

Dec 92 -  Xmas 1

My Dad had been very ill with pneumonia before Christmas so Richard drove down on Christmas Eve from Zimbabwe to spend Christmas with us, as a surprise for my parents, as well as us as it was a very last minute decision.   He arrived early Christmas morning …

Dec 92 -  Xmas morning 1

Dec 92 -  Xmas morning

Mum and Dad were very surprised.. my Dad quite stunned !!   Poor Dad had lost tons of weight with the pneumonia and never gained again

Dec 92 -  Xmas 2

Men at work .. carving the meat.  Look at my old kitchen .. rather ugly I would say !!!  Late 70’s style and I only had those two cupboards where hubby was standing and one under the kitchen sink!!    Gosh, I see I didn’t even have drawers!!!!  How on earth I coped, I have no idea!  With a family of five too !!!


Dec 92 -  Xmas 6

Dec 92 -  Xmas 5

This is the last photograph, that I have, taken of Mum and Dad with the three of us … their children.   We were all together for Richard and Pauline’s wedding, but I can’t recall a ‘Keay’  photograph without our spouses …

Dec 92 -  Xmas 8

… and this was the last photo of the three of us together until 2009 !!

Dec 92 -  Xmas 9

17 years later Richard and Pauline came out to Somerset West from England to see my Mum in the old aged home .. an opportunity for a sibling piccie 🙂

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    1. Really ? !!! No I didn’t know – no wonder it looked so different when I Googled it. I didn’t link it because of that as it seems to look completely different. As you have gathered we haven’t been back since 🙂

    1. Thanks Mrs FF – having the photographs jogs the memory!!!! I am thankful now that there are photos of milestones and occasions – special or every day. It’s what we all do now with digital – instagram, selfies etc. Having them in print makes a huge difference. I need to get some of those digital milestones and special occasions in print from the thousands I now have installed and saved. A mammoth task but needs doing

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