Bees and butterflies

Bees and butterflies

I have spent a productive weekend gardening 🙂

Now ..  with glass of wine in hand I shall share some pics taken when I was putting all the garden paraphernalia away this evening …

Copy (2) of IMG_5666

Copy of IMG_5660

Nose to nectar …

Copy of IMG_5692

These little butterflies are regular visitors to the lavender –

Topaz spotted blue – Azanus Jesous

Copy of IMG_5674

They usually sit with their wings closed but I spotted this one …. showing off his beautiful colours

Copy of IMG_5683

Just lavender ..

Copy of IMG_5701 Copy of IMG_5707

…and a rose or two – ruffled pinks of the small ‘My Granny’ and delicate petals of ‘Germiston Gold’

Copy of IMG_5694

Copy of IMG_5714

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  1. Wow, such gorgeous pictures. I am a bit envious since I won’t out in my garden for at least another month (it’s covered in snow!) and I won’t see any lavender here in New Jersey until June or July.

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