Throwback Thursday : 1993 – milestones and special moments

Throwback Thursday : 1993 – milestones and special moments

Thursdays come around rather quickly these days !!!

1993 .. a year of milestones and special happenings.   Elaine started primary school …  … Jeanette turned 21 … Carl’s Matric year (final year of high school) … Elaine’s first ballet exam and ballet school’s concert …  reunion of good friends from Australia …

January :  Elaine started BIG SCHOOL!!!   .. and I was one of the mommies wearing dark glasses to hide the tears.  My baby was growing up …

Jan 93  - E's first day Welties

Photo with siblings on this special day – Jeanette dressed for her student holiday job and Carl entering his Matric year at high school (his last year) …


Daniella’s 5th birthday party …

Jan 93  - Daniella's 5th birthday

Our special friends from Australia – Rob, Lyn, Natalie and Michele.   We saw them last, before they emigrated, when Elaine was a tiny baby.  It was soooo lovely seeing them again after so many years.  They left when Michele, their youngest daughter was under a year old …

Jan 93  - Jordans

They must have a photograph of us similar to this one 🙂  …

Jan 93  - family pic

… and one like this too 🙂 …

Jan 93  - 3 children

April :   Love this one with Dennis and Scampy ..

Jan 93  - E , Dennis and Scampy

May  :   Mum’s 65th birthday.   My Dad was curious as to what her prezzie was !

May 93  - Mum B-day

June  :  Elaine’s first ballet school concert  (same teddy costume as the previous year’s nursery school’s concert)

June 93  - E's ballet school concert

June 93  - E's ballet school concert 1

June  26th  :  Jeanette’s 21st birthday !!!!    Opening her prezzie in the morning (we bought her a pearl ring – pearl being her birthstone)

June 93  - J's 21st

June 93  - J's 21st 1

It’s a pity this is a very very blurred photograph of her cake as it’s the only one I have  – made and iced by me!!  My first attempt at making fondant icing!!  It cracked down the middle hence the icing dollops!!  I found a pretty corsage of icing flowers in a baking shop and plonked it on top …

June 93  - J's 21st 2

My Mum’s beautiful floral arrangements for her party …


June 93  - J's 21st 5

Carl, in the background, walking hand in hand with his little cousin, Kevin .. that’s special moment captured!!

Copy of June 93  - J's 21st 6

Hubby’s Dad made a wooden 21st key so that all the guests could sign it ..

Copy (2) of June 93  - J's 21st 9

Carl and his buddy James ..

June 93  - J's 21st 7

July :  Back to Ballito – this time we tried a different unit in Frinton-on-Sea.  From a freezing cold Johannesburg winter to warm sunny days there was always nothing nicer than enjoying breakfast on the sunny patio.   Natal coastal climate is super in winter …

July 93  - Ballito - 8 Frinton on Sea


This year, my aunt, uncle and Sally, my cousin, came to visit us with her two boys James and Matthew.  (They must have been on school holidays)

July 93  - Ballito - 1 A return visit to the Aquarium  …

July 93  - Ballito - 2

An outing to Crocodile Creek which is still operating today!!  This is the owner with the baby crocs …


August :   Elaine’s 7th birthday (with her new doll, Penny)

Aug 93  - Elaine 7th b-day 3

7th birthday party at the Spur … with school friends : Catherine, Claudia, Debbie, Kim, Ashleigh and cousins Daniella and Kevin …


September :  Carl, looking rather dapper, and his gorgeous date, Cheryl, before going  to their Matric Dance …

Sept 93  -  Carl's Matric Dance 2

Copy of Sept 93  -  Carl's Matric Dance 3

Proud mom and dad moment :  Carl in his honours blazer – for First Aid and Athletics 🙂  xxx

Sept 93  -  Carl - colours blazer

October :  Elaine’s first ballet exam

Copy of Collages190

Ballet teacher, Michele, dabbing the girls with ‘magic’ perfume to make them smile 🙂

Oct 93  -  E's first ballet exam 2

At the time, I didn’t realise how special this photograph was to become.  It was the last photograph taken with Mum and Dad and all three children and it was last time Jeanette and Carl saw my Dad.   They were about to leave for their return to Zimbabwe permanently …

Oct 93  -  Mum and Dad 3

December :     Christmas Eve –  the customary ‘Elaine-sitting-by-the-!!) tree-on- Christmas-Eve’  photo.   Food for Santa .. homemade mince pie and beer, with carrots for reindeers (I see he only got one mince pie in those days.  In later years, we became more generous 😉 )


Christmas morning excitement.  It was wonderful to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with Elaine being so young …

Dec 93  -  Xmas day 1

Spending Christmas Day at Ian Kathy’s .. with hubby’s Mum and Dad, their friends Laurie and her sister, and Jeanette’s boyfriend, Alistaire …


The three littlies were growing up (Elaine with cousins Daniella and Kevin) ..

Dec 93  -  Xmas day 2

Lastly … one for you, one for me …..   our dogs LOVED Christmas nuts!!!   They watched the cracking-open-revealing-the-nut-process with great intent !!!

Dec 93  -  Nuts

Quite a number of our family’s milestones and special moments for 1993 😉

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