Our little girlie, Jackie-jax

Our little girlie, Jackie-jax

Our little girlie, Jackie went to doggie heaven today 🙁    She was 15 years old.  A spirited little girlie with a sparkle in her eye.   We had to make that awful decision today as her minor strokes were becoming more and more frequent.  Our home .. your home  … is empty.  We will miss you so very very much

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Sleep well my girlie.   We love you so much xxx


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  1. I am literally sitting here crying at my computer for your loss. I know how much our daxies are part of our family and realise what it would feel like to loose one of them. Hope you will have a special burial for her with a stone somewhere in the garden.

    1. Thank you Jonker. She was so sweet. I miss her little pitter patter on the floor and there was no greeting at the gate when I came home with the boys. We have no pets now 🙁 A big hole in our lives 🙁

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