Throwback Thursday: Jackie – our special little girlie

Throwback Thursday: Jackie – our special little girlie

It’s been a week since Jackie, our old girlie went to doggie heaven.   At the moment, we are looking after Hardy, Elaine and Bryan’s puppy, while they are on holiday .. which certainly fills the void.  But we miss her terribly 🙁

I hadn’t realised how many photographs I have of her, capturing her special moments and her lovable nature as she shared her life with us.  She was Elaine’s dog .. given to her as a 13th birthday present, 15 years ago, from Carl and Nicole who kept another puppy in the litter, Pigwig (smallest of the two)  …

Sept 2000 - Jackie 11 weeks

Robbie was Robbie .. gentle and patient – our beautiful, ever so lovable Labrador (who we all miss so very much too) …



Both dogs loved Christmas.  Robbie was a star at opening prezzies, especially his own 🙂   Jackie followed his lead  🙂

Dec 2001 - 1


Watching the world go by through the gate … and taking a nap in-between ..


Poor girlie was petrified of thunderstorms …


She always had great fun vigorously shaking the empty paper recycling bag and local newspaper which is always thrown onto the driveway until she was satisfied it was ready to be ripped apart …


Spent hours at ‘the hole in the wall’ waiting for her doggie friend neighbours on the other side  when they would bark furiously at each other ..


Every opportunity she had – which was while we were out – she hopped on the chairs or couch ..


In winter, she loved being covered with her blanket ..

IMG_0028 (2)

… and burying her nose ..


.. or just sleeping curled up ..


A new person in the house!!!!    She was very concerned about this little human tucked up in a blanket … Bradley

June 2003 - Brad & Jackie 1

Nov 2003 - Brad & Jackie

April 2004 - Jackie

Someone new to play with, especially tug o’ war with the hosepipe .. her favourite thing in the whole wide world ..

Sept  2004 - Jackie & Brad - hosepipe

Sept  2004 - Jackie & Brad - hosepipe 1

Balls came a close second …


Another new human being in the house!!  .. Connor


Collages199 (2)

And then there was yet another little human – Erin ..


I took her to Bradley’s Grade 0’s ‘pet day’ at school, where he had to talk about ‘his’ pet.   She loved all the attention 🙂 .. and his little speech as very good


Hosepipe tug o’ war became a favourite game ..


Copy of IMG_2116

Copy of IMG_2114


Copy of New Picture- Dec 2005.bmp

She loved her walks in the veld – the greenbelt close to our house.  We had to stop taking her when she started having seizures as the exercise was too much for her 🙁

Copy of P1060973

Copy of P1060964




She loved having her tummy scratched and being cuddled …






These are my favourite photographs of Elaine and Jackie.   I took quite a few on this day …. the day prior to Elaine starting out into the big wide world with her first job ..


p1030425[2]- Jan 2009

After Elaine left home, Jackie would always be the first to greet her when she visited and stayed close by her side …  or on her lap  ..


Just Jackie …


I loved the way she crossed her legs when she slept on her tummy…

IMG_0547- dec 2012


IMG_3032- May 2012

IMG_3035- May 2012



IMG_3037-May 2012

Copy of P1110100-Dec 2009

I collected her ashes from the Vet this morning.   More tears driving home with the box on my lap 🙁    We will await Elaine’s return from holiday so that she can scatter Jackie’s ashes in our garden

I miss you so much my girlie


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