A morning tasting coffee paired with chocolate

A morning tasting coffee paired with chocolate

Jeanette and I went to a tasting and pairing of coffee and chocolate at Urban Grind Coffee Roasters in Parkhurst.

Please read Jeanette’s post  ….


I couldn’t have said it better 🙂

We had an awesome morning!!   I learnt a lot about making coffee.   From green bean to roasting,  how to brew coffee, what water to use, where and how long to keep the beans,  and tasting four different roasts with chocolate which enhances the flavours enormously.   Making a really good flavoursome cup of coffee is an art (or a craft as it says on the window) !!!!   But not difficult.  Naturally I took my camera along too  😉

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Copy of IMG_5900 Copy of IMG_5901

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Yay !!!!  Lucky me!!   I won one of the lucky draw prizes !!!!!   An awesome Russell Hobbs Milk Frother !!  I think I need a coffee grinder next for a perfect cappuccino !!  Freshly roasted beans = flavoursome coffee, either light roasted, medium or dark plus a nibble of suitable choccie !   Yumm!   For that perfect cappuccino you need a coffee with oomph.   Dark roasted beans to have the flavour come through the frothy milk

Copy of IMG_5909

Can’t wait for Urban Grind Coffee Roasters doors to open to the public in two weeks time.   A new place for my ‘coffee date with hubby !!!

And ..  I think we need to join the SA Coffee Club in order to attend more of these fascinating events

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