Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin : Travel Reminiscences

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin : Travel Reminiscences

Travel reminiscences of our wonderful holiday in Ireland 2009

Christ Church Cathedral, the Mother Church of the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough in the Church of Ireland, part of the world wide Anglican Communion. Viking Dublin’s first cathedral was a wooden structure on this site built c. 1030 by Hiberno-Norse king of Dublin, Sitric Silkbeard and the first bishop of Dublin, Dunan.  It was rebuilt by the Anglo-Norman archbishop, John Cumin, in 1186.  By the 19th century it was in a bad state of repair and was completely restored between 1871-78 …

IMG_9228-Christ Church Cathedral

IMG_9288-Christ Church Cathedral

IMG_9289-Christ Church Cathedral

As mentioned in my previous post …. Christ Church Cathedral is linked to the Dublinia by a covered arched bridge ..


Visitors entrance to the Cathedral is through the Dublinia and across the arched bridge which was built in 1870 when the Cathedral was completely remodelled.    Beautiful stained glass windows on either side of the bridge …

P1040390-pretty windows along bridge linking to Christ Church Cath


Great Nave – 25m (68ft) high nave with beautiful Gothic arches.  The north side, the original 13th century wall, leans out by as much as 50cm due to the weight of the roof ..




Note the shamrocks !!

P1080531-Christ Church Cathedral

P1040374-Christ Church Cathedral-built 1030



P1040338-Christ Church Cathedral

P1040366-Christ Church Cathedral-1030


The State Pew, now the official seat of the President of Ireland.  It features the royal arms of the House of Stuart …


On the other side of the nave, is the Civic Pew which is the official seat of the Lord Mayor and the coat of arms of the city is on the front.  The brass supports are for the ceremonial sword and mace …





Leads to the crypt …

P1040372-leading to crypt-Christ Church Cathedral

The crypt dates from the 11th century.  ‘It is one of the largest crypts in Britain and Ireland, and the oldest structure in Dublin.   It stretches under the complete area of the upper church.  This area was brought back into general use when conservation work was done in 2000.  Lighting was installed and a new flagged stone floor put down.’    I only have one photograph – makes me think I saw a sign for no flash photography after taking this one  (after all, it was in 2009 – cannot remember ALL little details of the trip!)

P1040373-Crypt in Christ Church Cathedral
Back up the stairs and on our way out …


P1080527-Stained glass windows in Christ Church Cathedral

I spotted the reflection of beautiful colours from the stained glass window …


Ruins of the old Chapter House :  In the pre-Reformation period this building was used for the meetings of the chapter of the Augustinian canons

P1040394-Christ Church

P1040393-foundation of original Chapter House 13th century

Note the shamrocks .. again


P1040395-Christ Church Cathedral

Next blog post in my Ireland travel reminiscences series :  Guinness Storehouse 🙂

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