Just Hardy

Just Hardy

We’ve been looking after Hardy (who is now +-6mths) for the last 10 days or so while Elaine and Bryan were on holiday in the Cape.  Hardy is now home .. back to his home.  What an excited doggie when he saw his ‘mommy’ yesterday morning!!  During his holiday with us, I tried to capture all his idiosyncrasies.   Impossible !!!!   He is too quick ..  darting off at the slightest sound or movement 🙂   But I did capture most.   Some are on Instagram (see side bar).   Some are here :-

This is not the best pic of him sitting.  He usually sits like a door-stop!!  Straight up with front paws in line with his back paws ..


Love his ears !!!    They go in all sorts of directions !!   Usually straight out like Yoda

Copy of IMG_5843

… or pressed back against his head (must have Whippet in him!)   .


… or every which-way 🙂

Copy of IMG_5918


He had a ball in our garden … chasing lizards and birds, hunting under bushes for logs, large leaves, bark or anything that can be stripped or chewed ..

Copy of IMG_5925

Lunching on rosehip!!   He has stripped the whole rose bush  …

Copy of IMG_5804

Copy of IMG_5806

He loved his daily walks up the road to the greenbelt where we walked right to the top and back again.   Waiting in anticipation !!

Copy of P1090021

Copy of P1090023

Copy of P1090031

If the birds can .. so can I  !!

Copy of IMG_5817

Copy of IMG_5821

Copy of IMG_5815

Copy of IMG_5930

Copy of IMG_5916

He either slept stretched out …




..   or hopped onto our bed …


…  and curl up small, tucking in his long lanky legs and tail …


His nose fits like a puzzle piece !!!



Puppy paws ..


Gorgeous puppy ..

IMG_5847- 27-03.2015

Our house is now empty 🙁   just hubby and I 🙁   Yesterday we were left with balls, bits of bark, twigs and stripped leaves scattered about the lawn.  A few holes in flowerbeds and an empty doggie bed.  No more cuddling as he loved to do, curling those long legs into my lap (on the floor not a chair!) and letting me cuddle his soft face and ears!!   No boisterous greeting this morning when I opened the kitchen door.   No Hardy to jump and scratch my already scratched arms in his excitement of a new day of adventure at Granny and Grandpa’s !!!

We will have to wait for his weekly visit when Elaine and Bryan come for dinner, or when we visit them 🙂


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