Throwback Thursday : 1994 highlights and special moments

Throwback Thursday : 1994 highlights and special moments

Jeanette’s Graduation, hubby’s parents Golden Wedding anniversary, a trip to Zimbabwe, Ballito holiday.. again, cousins reunion, Carl’s first car and a few more memories in 1994

February :   Carl’s first car 🙂   he saved all his weekend student job money to pay for it!  So proud of you xxx

Feb 94 - Carl's first car

April :  We drove up to Harare, Zimbabwe to see my Mum and Dad over Easter time.  I remember having to explain to Elaine the truth about the Easter Bunny as I had no intention of carting Easter eggs all the way to Zimbabwe.  Her world was shattered when I told her as it was when I had told her the truth about Santa!!   We always did the long journey in one day, leaving around 2am and arriving at dusk.  A long day!!  On this particular trip we arrived just after dark.  My parents home was along a very quiet road, tar at the beginning and it rounded a bend and was then gravel.  We couldn’t believe our eyes when, as we turned into the gravel bend, our headlights caught a large white rabbit hopping across the road !!!  OMW  it was the Easter Bunny!!!    Lo and behold, there were Easter eggs in the garden the next morning!!!   What could I say now !!

April 94 - visiting mum and dad

Elaine fell in love with my brother Richard’s gorgeous King Charles’  Spaniels, Roddy, Hobson and Josie ..

April 94 -  Roddy, Hobson, & Josie

April 94 -  E and dogs

Lion and Cheetah Park :   We took a drive out to the Lion and Cheetah Park which initially was founded in 1968 by the Bristow family for orphaned wild animals.  Today most of the residents are offspring of these original orphans, which cannot be re-introduced into the wild.

Tommy, the Galapago tortoise,  is over 250 years old and weighs around half a tonne ..

April 94 -  Tommy - 250 yr old  Not the best photos sadly 🙁   Not a good camera and no zoom in those days


Copy of April 94 - lion and cheetah park

Makes me rather homesick looking at these balancing rocks 🙁

April 94 -  boulders

Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens :    Ewanrigg is ‘noted for its wide collection of indigenous and exotic plants and owes its origin to the late Harold Basil Christian, who came to the then Rhodesia in 1914 as a farmer and later turned his attention to botany and horticulture. ‘

My brother Ian joined us for a picnic under the Msasa trees …

Copy of April 94 -  Ewanrigg  1

Copy of April 94 -  Ewanrigg  2

Copy of April 94 -  Ewanrigg

Visiting the tobacco auctions was interesting …

April 94 -  Ewanrigg  2_0001

April 94 - tobacco

Homeward bound.   I love the unique countryside with huge granite domes and kopjies around Masvingo in the lowveld of Zimbabwe ..  (not bad for photos whizzing along the road using my old 35mm film camera) …


Roadside curios ..

April 94 -  roadside curios

May :  Jeanette graduated with B.Comm (BIS) from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg …

May 94 -  J's graduation

Extremely proud of you, Jeanette xxx

May 94 -  J's graduation  1

Natalie, Mark, Lynda and Jeanette …

May 94 -  J's graduation  2

July :   Our annual holiday in Ballito.   This was the first year Jeanette didn’t join us as she was now a working girl!!   My Mum and Dad joined us

July 94 -  Ballito (8 Frinton on Sea again)

Hubby always enjoys braaiing on holiday ..

July 94 -  Ballito 1

July 94 -  Ballito 4

Mum and Dad having a paddle!!   My Dad was a bit unstable so didn’t venture far but my Mum loved swimming in the ‘Granny Pool’ in Ballito .. waves not big and backwash not strong.  Ideal for kiddies too

July 94 -  Ballito 2

July 94 -  Ballito 3

August :   Elaine’s 8th birthday with friends:- Bianca, Gaby, Nicole, Sheri-Lee, Jason and Wesley and cousins Daniella (and Kevin)  …


September :   Primary school concert .. Peter Pan.   Elaine was in a group called the Fairy Children who had a singing part …

Sept 94 -  Welties concert

I’m sure this is the only photo I have which includes Brutus.  Brutus, the huge teddy in the background, finally left our home after years of cuddles.   Dressed in his shorts and suspenders, I sat him beside me in the passenger seat in my car and drove him to a charity bin where I said my farewells 🙂  He seemed pleased.  He was smiling 🙂

Aug 94 - Scampy

October :   Hubby’s parents Golden Wedding Anniversary …

Oct 94 -  P's Mum and Dad golden wedding

Oct 94 -  P's Mum&Dad Golden Wedding 1

Elaine’s ballet exam with Pippa, Mandy and Netanya …

Oct 94 -  Elaine's ballet exam

November :  Beautiful girls .. cousins Jeanette and Michelle …

Nov 94 -  J & Michelle

December :    Primary school nativity play …

Dec 94 -  school pageant

Elaine will remember this …  her ballet teacher, Michele, dancing for her girls 🙂  they were enthralled and delighted ..

Dec 94 -  E fancy dress 1

Fabulous reunion !!!!!!!!!   My cousin, Gavin, Kathy and their daughters Carla and Sabrina had a couple of hours in Johannesburg en route from Bulawayo back to UK where they live.   Hadn’t seen each other for about 20 years !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 94 -  Gav and Kathy

My cousins daughters  🙂  cousins Carla, Sharon and Sabrina

Dec 94 -  Gav and Kathy 1

Cousins … Woans and Keays   (our mothers were sisters)

Copy of Copy (2) of Dec 94 - cousins

Elaine and her best friend Nicole, who moved to New Zealand soon after ..


Christmas …


1994 comes to close


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