Throwback Thursday : 1995 highlights and special moments

Throwback Thursday : 1995 highlights and special moments

In the year 1995 … we made our annual holiday trip to Ballito, another to Harare, Jeanette bought her first car, and she got engaged!!!!

January :   Jeanette’s first car – Honda Ballad 🙂

Jan 95 - J's first car

Cousins (and a friend) at Daniella’s 7th birthday …

Jan 95 - Daniella 's 7th bday

April :   Mum and Dad had built a cottage on the property which was theirs before their disastrous move to Cape Town, and then move back to Zimbabwe.  My brother Richard had bought their house.  My hubby drew the plans for the cottage and when all was complete we visited them in their new abode.  It was lovely and they were very happy to be back ‘home’ again.  My Mum was a marvellous gardener and in no time it was filled with colour and lush plants …

April 95 - Harare 3

Elaine was delighted to be reunited with Richard’s gorgeous King Charles’s Spaniels .. Roddy, Hobson and Josie …


Elaine and I went with Mum to a nursery to buy a few plants for her new garden.  This was a small tea garden at that nursery …

April 95 - Harare 2

We revisited Nazareth House Church where hubby and I were married 🙂

April 95 - Harare 4

We took Mum out for lunch to Malwatte Farmhouse near Marondera, where there was a large potters shed – Sitra Pottery …


.. and a small silk weaving industry.   I very much doubt whether these exist now!   My Mum chatting with Sarah who was weaving the silk weft onto the cotton warp …  Elaine found it fascinating seeing the whole process from silkworms to finished products, which were for sale

April 95 - Harare 8

We also stopped at the Elmwood Furniture Factory, makers of beautiful pine and gum tree furniture.  I very much doubt this is still there too

April 95 - Harare 9

Our return home to South Africa.   Baobab trees grow in the Limpopo Provence, which borders Zimbabwe (this was near Messina) …

April 95 - Harare 10

May :   Ballet exam time … Elaine with her ballet teacher, Michele

May 95 - Ballet exam

July :  Ballito .. again!    Ian, Kathy and their children, were also on holiday.  Bottom pic :  it was hubby’s 45th birthday !!   He often had a birthday away from home … it’s the time we usually went on holidays


August :  Elaine’s 9th birthday.  A slumber party with a few friends .. Brittany, Gaby, Jackie and Daniella.   The girls enjoying an al fresco brekkie the following morning ..


October :   Jeanette and Lance got engaged 🙂

Oct 95 - JandL engagement

Oct 95 - JandL engagement 2

Our family in 1995 …

Oct 95 - JandL engagement 1

December :   Our 70’s style kitchen finally got a revamp !! … and I had lots of cupboards !!!!   Yay!

Dec 95 - New kitchen

Update piccie of our house and garden, with Dennis snoozing in the shade …

Dec 95 - house

Smiley faces at Christmas 🙂


Dennis and Scampy waiting for Christmas titbits ..

Dec 95 - Xmas 6

So there you have it .. 1995 in the nutshell 😉


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