Do your children read comics ?

Do your children read comics ?

My daughter Jeanette has written a post on comic books and comics …

When my children were quite small, I read an article on the advantages of allowing your children to read comics.   There were parents who were dead against buying them for their children, but I was always in favour of buying comics and comic books for my children, as my Mum had done for us.

I remember so looking forward to Fridays when it was our treat to go shopping with her, and if we were good, we would pick up our favourite comic from the shelf.  We must have been very good, as we always came home with our favourite comic.   My favourites :  Andy Pandy – when I was very small;  Jack and Jill and Playhour.  I then advanced to Casper the friendly ghost, Little Lotta, Little Dot, and Wendy, the good little witch.  My brother I think went for Richie Rich.  I do remember Beano, Dandy, Archie, and Hot Stuff in the house too.   Each Christmas, we always got an Annual .. for years!!

Sooo .. my children read comics and every Christmas they got Annuals.   Jeanette and Carl were a ‘comic-generation’  older than Elaine whose choices were more modern ie the Little Mermaid, Barbie etc but she still enjoyed reading the old girly ones we had left.    I eventually had to throw away all the well-worn, well-read, torn and tatty ones and am only left with a few ..

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