Browsing through handcrafted creativity at Kamers

Browsing through handcrafted creativity at Kamers

Kamers is ‘South Africa’s pop-up treasure trove of handcrafted creativity’.  The Autumn market is currently being held this long weekend at St John’s College in Johannesburg.  What a beautiful old school for starters !!!!   It was founded in 1898.

I went not once, but twice, to this amazing market!!   Hubby and I went with Elaine yesterday where I took my camera but was sorry I only had the 50mm lens as I couldn’t get decent photos of the magnificent buildings.   Yesterday I went with Jeanette and her friend Madelein with only my mobile phone!   I knew Jeanette would have her camera, so I left the photography to the expert 😉  please read her blog post and view her fabulous photographs  :-

My photos from Saturday  ..

Copy of IMG_6083


Copy of IMG_6085

Copy of IMG_6086

Copy of IMG_6162

Giant crochet rugs – about 1 metre round (or slightly more)!!  Really cool!!


Beautiful bench made from oak wine barrels … hubby bought this one !!   I spotted them at the last Kamers and fell in love with them

Copy of IMG_6074

Copy of IMG_6075

I bought a gorgeous ceramic vase and jug from Storm in a teacup.  Speaking to the stall owner of these stunning items, I was told the skilled throwers are from Zimbabwe ..

Copy of IMG_6079


Note to Elaine – we missed this on Sat. Design Team cushions are fabulous (inside classroom)

Copy of IMG_6090

Copy of Copy of IMG_6092

Copy of IMG_6094

Copy of IMG_6095

Love these giant clothes pegs ..

Copy of IMG_6096

Copy of IMG_6098 Copy of IMG_6099

The chapel door …

Copy of IMG_6103

My photograph of the interior didn’t come out well so I took an Instagram pic today which came out better …


Opposite the chapel door is the dining hall …

Copy of IMG_6135

Copy of IMG_6134

Copy of IMG_6149

Copy of IMG_6136

Copy of IMG_6137

Copy of IMG_6139

Copy of IMG_6140

Copy of IMG_6141

A Hardy look-alike :)!!!!

Copy of IMG_6143

… and another !!!   Hardy sits just like this 🙂

Copy of IMG_6148

I love Masquerade’s fine linen ..

Copy of IMG_6150

Copy of IMG_6144

Copy of IMG_6152

Copy of IMG_6153

Copy of IMG_6155

Stunning Barbie dresses ..

Copy of IMG_6156

Copy of IMG_6157

Copy of IMG_6104

Local champers by the glass – Kanu Geselle MCC from Stellenbosch ..


Copy of IMG_6108

Yesterday, Jeanette and I had a glass of Saltare MCC, a boutique winery in Stellenbosch ..


Back to Saturday :    Hubby had a glass of craft beer ..

Copy of IMG_6111

Copy of IMG_6114

Copy of IMG_6113

Copy of IMG_6132

Copy of IMG_6126

Copy of IMG_6120

Copy of IMG_6128

Copy of IMG_6125

Copy of IMG_6122

Chapel at St John’s College ..

Copy of IMG_6116

Copy of IMG_6117

Copy of IMG_6115

What lovely mornings I had with both my gorgeous daughters, and hubby xxx

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  1. My life has been such a madhouse lately that I’m not getting around to reading blogs. Its not going to change over the next two weeks either but after that I need to slow down and relax again. So just to say I didn’t stop reading your blog, just haven’t had much time lately.

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