Throwback Thursday : 1996 special memories and highlights

Throwback Thursday : 1996 special memories and highlights

Before Thursday comes to an end  … 1996 !!     Two trips to Zimbabwe, two weddings, Carl’s 21st birthday, and Jeanette leaves home !!!

January :  Hubby, Elaine and I went up to Harare for New Years.  We met Pauline, Richard’s future bride, for the first time.   Champers breakfast on New Years Day, with Mum and Dad, Richard and Pauline …

Jan 96 - 1

As well as those gorgeous King Charles Spaniels – Roddy, Hobson and Josie – Richard and Pauline had a new addition to the family … Clara, an 8 week old St Bernard … a huge bundle of cuddlesomeness …

Jan 96 - 2

Isn’t that face, and those paws … and those ears … too gorgeous  !!!

Jan 96 - 3

Elaine was in her element playing with this live ‘teddy’  …

Jan 96 - 4

Richard and Pauline ..

Jan 96 - 5

February :  Carl’s 21st birthday

Feb 96 - Carls 21st

His party was interesting one!!!   Pic above was before he was thrown into the pool by his buddies, hence the change of clothing when hubby gave his speech and presented Carl with his 21st key.   Carl was studying Emergency Medical Care at the Technikon Witwatersrand and it just so happened that one of his friends fell very ill at the party – as one does when attending a party of trainee EMC personnel!!!  –  and an ambulance was called !!!!!   By the time the ambulance arrived, the patient was ready to go … drip up and all!!!


My usual choccie cake 🙂  decorated with the past and present.
Past – Carl’s first booties !!!!!  I had to put them on the cake no matter how embarrassing it was for him !!!  Carl was tiny at birth, weighing 1.6kg, with tiny feet.   One of the mommies in the maternity ward gave birth to a large baby and had this tiny pair of booties.  I had large booties for my tiny baby’s feet  … naturally we swopped booties 🙂
Present – Lego ambulance complete with gurney and patient …

Feb 96 - 3

Feb 96 - Carls 21st 1

March :   My first fledgling leaves the nest.    Jeanette and Lance moved into their first apartment – one bedroomed – upper floor, lounge window and bedroom window/patio in the centre ..


They started their lives together with very little … large cushions and garden chairs in the lounge cum dining …

March 96 - J&L  first flat

Also in March … hubby’s niece, Michelle married Mark in Cape Town.  A hectic weekend!!!   We travelled down for the weekend by car .. five of us!   A 14-hour trip there and another 14-hours back!!!    We drove up on the Friday and returned on the Monday.   I will never forget the journey home.  We were all tired especially hubby who drove most of the way.  I am a useless co-driver – I fall asleep!  Hubby rotated the driving with Jeanette and Carl, but he drove mostly.  At one time, I had to take over.  My worst nightmare!!!  It took everything in me not to fall asleep at the wheel!!

March 96 - Michelles wedding 1

Pity this photograph is over-exposed, it’s one of my favourites …

March 96 - Michelles wedding 3

May 96 -  M & M at wedding

left to right – hubby, me, Carl, Jeanette, Dale (Cheryl and Bob’s son), Mark and Michelle, Bob, Cheryl, and hubby and Cheryl’s Mum and Dad, and Elaine …

March 96 - Michelles wedding 7

Wedding venue : Lanzerac Hotel in Stellenbosch ..

March 96 - Lanzerac hotel

March 96 - Michelles wedding 5

March 96 - Michelles wedding 6

March 96 - Michelles wedding 4

It was our first visit to Hermanus where Bob and Cheryl had their holiday home, later became their permanent home.   We spent the Sunday exploring the surroundings, beaches, cliff paths and drove up the mountain to a look-out point overlooking the town and Walker Bay ..

March 96 - Hermanus

Elaine and Mickey, Bob and Cheryl’s staffie  …

March 96 - Michelles wedding 8

April :  Jeanette had endless problems with her second-hand Honda and decided to go the ‘brand-new-out-of-the-box’ route.  Her new car …

April  96 - J's new car - Uno

May :    Richard and Pauline’s wedding in Harare (both second marriages)

May  96 - R & P

We (without Jeanette and Carl) drove up to Harare for the wedding.  Kiddies had important jobs .. the girls, as well as Pauline’s niece, carried confetti baskets and Kevin handed out the programme of service …

May  96 -  R&P wedding 1

Pauline’s cousin, Judy (from England) was Matron of Honour and hubby was Best Man ..

May  96 - R & P wedding party

The happy couple with my Mum and Dad ..

May  96 -  R&P wedding 2

Ian and Kathy, Richard and Pauline (whose heels were sinking into the soft sloping ground 🙂 ), hubby and I.   It was a wonderfully happy day

May  96 -  R&P wedding 3

May  96 -  R&P wedding 4

August :   Elaine’s 10th birthday :  A picnic birthday party at Emmarentia dam with friends Netanya, Kerry, Robyn K, Nicole and Daniella ..

August  96 -  E's bday 10th

Hubby attended a conference at Glenburn Lodge in Muldersdrift.   I spent the last night there with him at Heia Safari Lodge where zebra roamed in between bungalows in the morning  ..

Aug  96 -  Heia Safari Lodge

Aug  96 -  Glenburn Lodge

End November :    Our 25th wedding anniversary celebrations began with a delicious breakfast at Ian and Kathy’s

Nov  96 -  25th breakfast

Our wedding anniversary falls on December 4th.  Prior to the 4th hubby and I went away for a few days – on our own – to the Drakensberg.  Two firsts here … we had never been to the Drakensberg and …  we had never been away on our own!!!    Just the two of us … he and me … no children !!!   I had visions and plans of going away to the Seychelles for our 25th.  Way too expensive.   Mauritius.  Too expensive.  We had already travelled, in that year,  to Cape Town for a wedding and to Zimbabwe for a wedding and we were planning Jeanette and Lance’s wedding in January 1997.

Soooo…. the Drakensberg it was.   We loved it.   What struck us most was how green it was !!!  It was beautiful !!!!  The magnificent mountains were hidden under cloud all the while we were there until our day of departure.  We didn’t appreciate their beauty until that day.  We were content with the emerald green lower slopes and smaller mountains, the walking trails, some muddy and sloshy, some steep and difficult, some easy, the birds, flowers, trees and more.

I had been with my parents to the Drakensberg Gardens Hotel when I was about 8 for a few days on our way back home from a disastrous seaside holiday.   Ian was a baby and Richard suffered from bad asthma in the inclement weather.  We were all bundled in the car in the middle of night and drove as far as Richard could breathe easily .. the Drakensberg.   Can’t remember how long we stayed  .. I only remember the bunnies in the kiddies garden area 🙂  In those days it was a typical family hotel

Getting back to my 1996 story :  Hubby and I stayed at the Mont aux Sources which has the most magnificent panoramic view of the Amphitheatre.  I bought a postcard of the hotel rooms and the view in case my (35mm film) photos didn’t come out

Dec  96 -  Mont aux sources

View from our room …

Dec 96 -  Berg 3

Walking in the berg (a few pics) in the Royal Natal National Park.  In those days, the hotel gave us access cards to the National Park, at a nominal rate …

Copy of Dec 96 -  Berg 4

This was a plateau covered in wheat-coloured grasses and pretty flowers (which you can’t see 🙁 )  I remember it being very pretty, surrounded by cloud covered mountains  …

Dec 96 -   view

Copy of Dec 96 -  Berg 5

Copy of Dec 96 -  Protea forest

Copy of Dec 96 -  stream

Copy of Nov 96 -  berg valley

Tiger Falls …

Dec 96 -  tiger falls

Cascades ..

Dec 96 -  Berg 7

Leaving the National Park we had passed a sign for bushman paintings numerous times and decided on the last day to see them.  On the map, hand-drawn and not to scale, it didn’t look far.   Well, it was!!  We climbed and climbed .. and climbed!!  We had gone so far, I didn’t want to turn back without seeing the rock paintings even though the rain was coming (on the right of picture)  Our (tiny) white car is parked on the left hand side of the road going uphill.   For those who know this area, today, the village in the valley is now built up and spreading

Copy of Dec 96 -  bushman paintings view

We made it !!!  This is the only photo I have ..

Dec 96 -  bushman paintings

On our way home – sunny skies and at last the view we had been waiting for .. the majestic Amphitheatre

Dec 96 -   amphitheatre and village

December 4th :    We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with our children.  Nothing fancy .. just us.  Very special

Dec 96 -  25th anniversary

Copy of Dec 96 -  25th 2

Festive Season :   Nicole, Carl’s new girlfriend,   joined us on Boxing Day


That was a busy year !!   What was in store for 1997 !!   A wedding for starters!


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