Clambering over Melville koppies

Clambering over Melville koppies

Well … over a small part of Melville koppies to be exact.  I went with Jeanette and the boys yesterday afternoon as she wanted to take a ‘bird’s eye view’ photo for her blog:    She wasn’t happy with her pics, until we got close to the exit gate and voilà  .. she finally got it !!

I’ve been up Northcliff hill … awesome panoramic view from there …  but never to Melville koppies

Copy of IMG_6286

Copy of IMG_6290

Great view of the city ..

Copy (2) of IMG_6172

Rosebank in the distance and Sandton on the skyline centre of pic (two towers sticking up)  …

Copy of IMG_6170

Copy of IMG_6166

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I had fun capturing beautiful grasses and flowers ..

Copy of IMG_6182

Copy of IMG_6186

Copy of IMG_6212

Copy of IMG_6215

Copy of IMG_6218

Copy of IMG_6221

Copy (2) of IMG_6223

Copy of IMG_6238

Love this grass .. looks like whisks 🙂

Copy of IMG_6231

Very pretty pink grass  …

Copy of Copy of IMG_6256

Copy of Copy of IMG_6253

Copy of Copy of IMG_6257

Copy of IMG_6265

Copy of IMG_6267

Copy of IMG_6260

Copy of IMG_6285

Copy of IMG_6287

Connor preparing for the ‘bird’s eye view’ photo …

Copy of IMG_6269

Copy of IMG_6270

She tried another spot but obviously wasn’t happy with it

Copy of IMG_6277

“What I have to do for my mom ” !!!

Copy of IMG_6279

Copy of IMG_6282

Thanks my girl, I had fun 🙂

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