We are back !!

We are back !!

Hubby and I came home a few days ago and I always seem to hit the ‘home’ ground running … fetching kiddies, grocery shopping, gym and yoga!   Came home to a dry garden too.  Thank heavens I didn’t plant seedlings!  Seeds I had planted had sprouted then drooped flat on the ground, as I thought they may, but have raised themselves skyward after a little watering.  They should survive now. Living in Johannesburg, a holiday by the sea is revitalising.   I love the smells, crashing waves, sea colours, sunrises over the watery horizon, shimmering twilight and the golden sands of the KwaZulu Natal coast Of course, I took far too many photographs !   Here is a glimpse of our 10 days in Ballito, two days in the Midlands and two days in the Drakensberg …

Our first sunrise – promise of a lovely day ahead as the clouds dipped beyond the horizon ..

Copy of IMG_6432 Copy of IMG_6442 IMG_6695

We always go down to the beach early, when the weather is perfect and the beach is empty 😉   This is part of the Granny Beach – not the best we’ve seen it, with lots more rocks than usual but it’s closer to the apartment block we usually stay in than the main beach, Willard Beach.   It was the perfect time for a getaway as there not many families with very young children (schools were back)  and there were not many ‘oldies’ like ourselves.   Our little spot on the beach … (swimming area is behind hubby and beyond the row of rocks at the line of the top of our brolly) …


It’s a good spot for watching surfers 🙂

IMG_6481 (2) IMG_6491

Love the colours of this sunrise …


Late afternoon ..

Copy of IMG_6504

Bottlenose dolphins at play …  (zooming from our patio)

Copy of IMG_6779 IMG_6768 IMG_6769 (2)

Our patio – not the best afternoon ..

IMG_6724 IMG_6612

Sand art – the Big Five and Nelson Mandela !!


Lunch on the patio ..


Another sunrise …


After two days of very high tides Willard Beach was perfect !   No rocks and flat, right out to the breakers …

IMG_6949  IMG_6549

Fish and chips served in paper at Captain Fine’s Fish Factory – absolutely delish !!


Pretty pink early evening  …


Who can resist collecting shells on a seaside holiday !!

IMG_6970  IMG_6962

Another beautiful calm evening – sea becomes sky .. sky becomes sea


We spent the first weekend in Ramsgate along the South Coast with my cousin Barry before heading up to the North Coast to Ballito.   Breakfast at The Waffle House where our other cousin, John joined us.   Fabulous family time!!!  I haven’t seen John in many years.  Our mothers were sisters – the three of us represent the three Thorne sisters;  Paddy, Sylvia and Muriel 🙂

Copy of IMG_6388

We also spent a fabulous day with the Bernsteins from Durban ..


Granny Mouse Country House and Spa in the Midlands where we stayed for two nights.  What a lovely place !!!


View from our wooden balcony.   Sooo quiet compared to the crashing waves!!!


Onto the magnificent mountains of the Drakensberg …. Champagne Castle Hotel and Resort ..


View from our patio ..  🙂  beautiful isn’t it? 🙂


Our holiday .. in a nutshell 😉   I will do detailed posts on our stays in the Midlands and Drakensberg as well as bits from Ballito 🙂

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