Breakfast at the Blueberry Café in the Midlands

Breakfast at the Blueberry Café in the Midlands

I am going jump around with my posts in case boredom sets in with sea and sand posts one after the other 😉

Hubby and I could only book into Granny Mouse after lunch – our destination in the Midlands for two nights and due to traffic congestion around Durban, being a weekday, we decided to leave at the crack of dawn and make our way to the very, very nice Blueberry Café on Netherwood Farm in Nottingham Road.   We have stopped for breakfast before, last year in June actually.  As a result I didn’t take photos of the stunning view this time round, but have included two pics are from 2014 ..  (looks rather chilly and misty!)


Last weekend it was warm and sunny.  We had no problems with traffic along the way therefore arriving before they opened their doors!!   It gave me the opportunity to walk around their veggie and herb garden




Photo for you Elaine … a hedge of freylinia …


A newly planted lavender labyrinth …





Loo with a view ..


IMG_7070 IMG_7071

We had the whole morning ahead of us to explore the area.   Our first stop, Ardmore Ceramics, a fascinating rural industry producing the most amazing pieces


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