Ardmore Ceramics in the Midlands

Ardmore Ceramics in the Midlands

Ardmore Ceramics is a member of the Midlands Meander :

Quoting the Meanders brochure – “The idyllic surroundings of the Midlands Meander are a rich source of freedom, inspiration and creativity for its local artists and crafters.  It was a handful of such dedicated, imaginative people who conceptualised the Midlands Meander in 1985, when they decided to create a collaborative arts and crafts route.  Six studios were opened to the public and the Midlands Meander was born; attracting creative and talented people ever since.

Today, nearly 30 years on, the Meander is home to a diverse range of talented and world-renowned people who make beautiful things with clay, paint, bronze, metal, wood, leather, glass and so much more.  Here, age-old craftsmanship is infused with contemporary creativity to create the kind of unique products that you will only find in the Midlands Meander.”

Ardmore Ceramics is certainly unique and world-renowned.  They’re on Facebook and I see there is also a Facebook page for a direct importer in Sydney!  When hubby and I were on our tour in Italy,  I was delighted to see Ardmore pieces in the shop window at the Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno on Lake Maggiore .. one of our tour stops.    In 2000 hubby and I discovered the original studio on our first visit to the Central Drakensberg.  An intriguing place with such talented artists producing the most incredible and flamboyant ceramics we had never seen before.  Another studio was opened in Rosetta in the Midlands in 1996 and a few years later relocated to Caversham Valley.    For more info …

I’ve taken many photographs and I don’t want to leave any out!!!   .. and I was surprised I was allowed to take photographs of everything.   I will therefore do more than one post 😉



IMG_7190 IMG_7191




Batonka stool …



Resident Great Dane 🙂  …





All the ceramic artwork is flamboyant and vibrant, small to large to really large !!!  I was hoping to come away with a small momento.  Not so!!!!  Even the smallest piece was very very expensive!!!  Having gone through the workshops and watched the artists at work, we understood why



Sculptors and throwers must have fun doing self  ‘portraits’  and those of fellow artists and friends …
Petros Gumbi / Wonderboy Nxumalo
Portrait of Sculptor/Thrower Sfiso Mvelase 2006″


Bonnie Ntshalintshali Museum – it was quite difficult to get good photographs as most pieces are behind glass and others, like below, are surrounded by ceramics, all popping with bright colour !!



Scenes from history are depicted : Nhlanhla Nsundwane – Sculptural tableaux showing ‘The Prince Imperial’s group bivouacked in the mealie field close to a Zulu homestead/umuzi’  – 1998



Beautiful hand-painted table cloths, cushions, etc are also available to purchase  ..




We were asked if we would like to see the artists at work by a lovely lady whose name I cannot remember.  Of course we said yes 🙂


… next post 😉

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