Meet Max

Meet Max

… the latest addition to our family.  He fills the doggie space left behind in our home after Robbie, a few years ago, and recently Jackie,  crossed the rainbow bridge to doggie heaven.

Max is a 10 week old Jack Russell who we fell in love with when hubby and I visited a breeder last Thursday.  We hadn’t planned to bring a puppy home.  We only went to look!!  How could we resist!!   He was the last of the litter to go, probably because of his odd markings,  right eye with black lashes,  left eye with white lashes and a very slight under-bite and therefore we can’t breed him.  We had no intention of breeding a dog anyway

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Photo bombed by his favourite duck !!

Copy of IMG_7691

Copy of IMG_7854

Copy of IMG_7855

Bit of a weepy eye on his first day or two

Copy of IMG_7859

Copy of IMG_7860

Precious little bundle of mischief 🙂

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