Bradley and Connor meet Max

Bradley and Connor meet Max

This was over a week ago, when the boys met Max for the first time after I had collected them from school.

They were delighted!!!   A new puppy to play with!!  A small puppy!!   A puppy with needle-like  teeth and equally sharp tiny claws!!!

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Bradley and Max bonded immediately

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Connor wasn’t too confident holding him to begin with, but soon got the hang of it ..

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Both boys seem to want to throttle poor little pup as they didn’t know how to hold him 🙂   They know now 😉

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A week later they’re pals!!   Max loves Bradley.  Connor has formed his own bond with Max.  I’ve watched them in the garden through the window.  Connor talks to Max all the time while they walk or run around the garden and when they play.   It’s very sweet

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