Culamoya Chimes in the Midlands

Culamoya Chimes in the Midlands

Our next stop along the Midlands Meander was a place of peace and tranquillity with the gentle sounds of wind chimes, large and small, at Culamoya Chimes




I absolutely love the sound they make, no matter the size or whatever they’re made of.  Many, many years ago I bought a small metal one from a Chinese shop … could have been when we lived in a cottage on a small holding in the mid-seventies.  It hung for years on end, inside, at an open window, tinkling whenever the breeze blew.   In the late 1990’s I was interested in Feng Shui, whereby I had to have a wooden one (bamboo) and a new metal one to replace the original which eventually fell apart from disintegrated cords.

I was in my element at Culamoya!!!   There were many hanging all over the place resonating harmoniously in the gentle breeze.  Music for the soul



Lola appeared from between the rows of chimes welcoming us to their home and garden.  Unfortunately she and her husband had visitors from afar but as we said it was our first time there, she briefly showed us, and made us listen to peaceful and calming reverberations.  We had to put our heads in-between two large-ish chimes while she gently moved the middle paddle in a clockwise direction.  Resonating sounds calm the mind and body, taking you to a different plain, while the paddle slowly rotates … round and round .. perfectly balanced.   It’s amazing !!


I  ‘played’ with various wind chimes for a while, including two huge ones .. one sounded exactly like St Paul’s and the other, Big Ben (below) !!   The other two on the left are the ones we put our heads between 🙂  An amazing experience!



Quote from their website:   “The making, designing and tuning of wind chimes is more of a hobby for the owners of Culamoya chimes, Frik and Lola.

There are over 30 different varieties of tuned chimes in their studio. The chimes range from small tinkling chimes to large chimes with deep sounds with a few special in-between chime that are tuned to the cathedrals of St Pauls, Winchester and West Minster (Big Ben).

All the chimes are made on the premises.”




The workshop …



I had to buy one… naturally 😉

Copy of IMG_8078 Copy of IMG_8080

Definitely a return visit when next hubby and I are in the Midlands

KwaZulu Natal holiday : May 2015

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