Sunrise to sunset

Sunrise to sunset

Promise of a good day ahead …

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I enjoyed sitting on the holiday apartment’s patio watching the sunrise … people taking an early morning stroll on the small beach … walkers and runners on the promenade, increasing in number as the sun rose higher

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Shark net patrol, a daily early morning activity ..

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Low tide at the Granny Beach.  There are two sides to the Granny Beach.  Each time we’ve been on holiday the beach differs.  Sometimes swimming on this side is perfect, other times it’s too rocky… the other side at high tide was perfect (when we first arrived).  Now the tide had changed.  Low tide on the other side was shallow and too rocky.  This was perfect although the sand bank went out quite far which meant most of the time we were knee deep up to hip depth.  Fine for me as I am very respectful of the force of those waves and strong currents*   but for hubby it was just a tad too shallow


*  Strong currents are not my friend.  I’ve been rescued once by a life-saver when I was a teenager having been caught in a current and no matter how hard I tried (and I was good swimmer) I couldn’t move closer to shore.  On another occasion .. caught in another current between beach and sand bank.  A frightening experience!  Have been hit on the head by a boogie board diving under a large wave.  Came up with blood streaming down!!  I love seaside holidays and swim everyday if I can, but I have great respect for the sea

It’s a lovely beach when the sand covers these rocks


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After a perfect start to the day and a few hours on the beach, the wind came up bringing with it light cloud cover which didn’t stop us reading on our patio ..

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High tide in the late afternoon ..

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Hubby and I went on our early evening stroll.  Pretty colours of sea and sky – high tide at Willard Beach …

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How different high tide makes to Granny Beach !

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Mandela enjoying sundowners on this glorious evening …

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Cheers Mr Mandela!!   As the evening passed the sky turned a beautiful pink ..

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Bare with me 🙂 I got a bit carried away with photos 😉 !  It was too beautiful !  … and I couldn’t choose which were the better ones

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Last one ..

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Our Ballito holiday : KwaZulu Natal North Coast : May 2015

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