Throwback Thursday : 1997 – Jeanette and Lance’s wedding

Throwback Thursday : 1997 – Jeanette and Lance’s wedding

Before Thursday comes to an end, let me go back to my TBT theme of my photos in the chronological order in which I began.  I am now at 1997, January to be exact.   A BIG year for us!!!  Our eldest daughter, Jeanette got married !!

We decided to do a morning wedding .. a wedding breakfast.  It was lovely, although looking back now it was rather rushed!!  One disadvantage of a wedding breakfast!   We had to get up really really early.  Jeanette went to the hair salon seemingly at the crack of dawn and did her own make-up when she returned home.  (In fact I had never heard of make-up artists coming to your home at that time)   I had done Elaine’s hair the day before, in wringlets .. the old-fashioned way with strips of old sheeting so that she could sleep …


The Big Day arrived …  bright and early !!!

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 2

Our gorgeous daughter ..

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 3

Majority of wedding dresses in the late 1990’s were ‘big and bold’  .. big skirts, mainly hoops, and large puffy sleeves.  Jeanette chose a beautiful simpler version with fully laced halter-neck bodice and tulle skirt.   She looked absolutely gorgeous !!    I made Elaine’s flower-girl dress in apple green broderie anglaise with the large puffy sleeves in keeping with the trend in those days.  Her straw hat was crowned with fresh gypsophila flowers

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 4

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 29

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 30

Very proud Dad and his gorgeous daughter …

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 6

The ceremony and wedding breakfast was held at Misty Hills in Muldersdrift ..

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 7

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 8

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 9

Very special having both my very close cousins there … Gavin having come from England, and Barry who drove the wedding car …

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 5

Ingrid van Rensburg played the harp throughout the ceremony and reception.  It was absolutely beautiful !!

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 10

I hadn’t seen my cousin Gavin since his arrival.  It was awesome seeing him again after many years 🙂

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 11

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 12

Cousins – Daniella held the basket of petals

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 13

With grandparents and Carl …

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 1

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 15

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 16

With Lance’s Mum …

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 17

Our family … all of them 😉

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 14

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 18

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 19

Gorgeous couple 🙂

Jan  97  -  wedding 1

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 21

Our family – standing: Carl, Nicole, Kathy, Delphie (old friend of hubby’s Mum and Dad) hubby’s Dad.  Seated:  Ian, Mulla, Sam, my Mum, and hubby’s Mum

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 22

Our family – standing: Richard, Cheryl, Michelle, Dale and Bob.  Seated: Pauline, Barry, Carol and Gavin

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 23

My Mum …

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 26

Such a pity a flash was used to photograph the cake.  It was very pretty with a waterfall of summer flowers cascading down.    The cake was absolutely delicious!!

Copy of Jan 97 - J&L wedding 25

Jan 97 - J&L wedding 24

Even though their wedding was over early in the day, we all had a wonderful family day.   Our family and close friends came back to our house afterwards for tea and wedding cake, with Jeanette and Lance joining us.  We all sat on the floor in the lounge while they opened wedding prezzies.  Not the conventional wedding but it was relaxing and enjoyable.  Jeanette insisted on ‘Mom’s choccie cake’  as well, to have on her wedding day !!! – decorated with simple wedding décor (thinking back,  I cringe! – I could have so much better!!!)   (not bad .. both daughters have had my choccie cake on their wedding days 😉 )

Later that evening we all got together again for another family gathering buffet at a local restaurant 🙂   What a wonderful day it was!!!

Sadly, I have not one photograph after the wedding.   Everything is on a home video .. from the wedding to our family gathering at our home.  I don’t know if anyone took photographs at the restaurant gathering.   We need to have the entire video converted onto CD or whatever you convert them to these days.

(Most of these photographs didn’t scan very well unfortunately)

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