I am an inspiration

I am an inspiration

That’s what I was told today by my yoga teacher!  It floored me!!

I’ve been doing yoga for many years and love it.  I love the inner focus and peace it gives me .. I love the me-time .. I am in my own space.   I love each asana and what they do for my body .. and mind.  I am always in the front of a class, not for any reason but the fact is I cannot do yoga with my glasses on and need to see the teacher clearly 🙂   In the rooms with mirrors, I only look at my posture if it feels wrong, and can correct it by seeing myself.  I used to attend classes for many many years with Christene who started a class at a gym years ago.  When that gym closed it’s doors, I joined Virgin Active just to attend her classes there.   After a couple of years she started her own private classes which I attended, as well as her classes at the gym.  When she left to live in Cape Town I was devastated. SHE was my inspiration .. a guide .. a friend.  She helped me so much through my anxiety/depression 5 years ago.   During the class I was able to forget the world around me .. take myself to another dimension ..  and eventually take that inner peace and confidence further.  I shall never forget her and her teachings.

Being a member of a gym, I tried all the yoga classes and teachers, to find who I gelled with the most.   I’ve always also done pilates classes once a week.   Now I’m settled in routine classes and ‘my’ teachers.  I only have the mornings available to me as, as many of you know, I do the ‘on-hand granny’ bit in the afternoons.

Last year, probably at this time, I really cannot remember exactly when, I pulled the left piriformis muscle which sits behind the glute muscle and which twines around the sciatic nerve.  It has given me hell ever since.  Maybe that’s too strong a word, but it has been giving me a problem.  I’ve been to a physio, chiropractor and biokineticist – the latter who administered sports massages designed for large hunky rugby players !!!!   Oh my goodness, they were hectic!!!!   Tears rolled down my cheeks in agony!!!  Finally there was nothing more she could do but send me on my way with stretches and basic exercises to do.   Between all three, the pesky piriformis and sciatica improved.

Now … because of all this, the tendon ..  ever-so such a small one .. that attaches the hamstring to the bum – also a deep and difficult bit of the anatomy to reach – has now tightened like a knotted rubber band that’s lost it’s stretch !!  I now have “referred pain” down the hamstrings, plus it’s made it’s way to the right hip and hamstring !!!!

Back to physio I went.  A couple of sessions of sonar, laser, dry needling and massage .. all in the same session!! .. has helped tremendously.  But it’s still there.  The physio said it will take a long time to come right, and I must carry on with all the exercising that I do, but carefully without overdoing it.

Soooo .. that’s what I’ve been doing.  Four classes a week (two yoga, nova and a private keep fit class plus 5km walk at Delta parkrun.   I think a few more sessions at the physio is needed again as I am just not improving.  I am careful not to overdo it and go as far as my limit.

Now comes the point of my waffling.  I’ve never experienced my limit before.  I have always been flexible and have done asanas and stretches with ease.  I have been struggling for months and ‘going as far as my limit’ but always with stiff hamstrings and hips.  A new challenge for me.

Today in our yoga class, which would normally have been very easy for me, I was battling a little/quite a bit.   Chatting with my teacher afterwards, she said I was an inspiration to her … and to the class!!  I was taken aback!!  Even though I’m stiff .. and the stiffness is just not going away … I keep going back and attempt everything as far as I can possibly go without doing further damage.   There are no mirrors in this room so I don’t see anyone but her.   But, apparently, the ladies behind me are amazed at what I can do .. at my age !!!!!!  That’s the kicker!!!   My teacher’s mum is the around the same age as me and has been doing yoga since she was a teen and is only now finding it challenging at times.  I am finding that hard to accept … me, myself … as I’m sure I wouldn’t be in this predicament if I hadn’t pulled that ‘pesky piriformis’ in the first place!!

I walked out of there with my head held high, legs shaking and hips felt as though I’d been riding a horse for the first time !!!    Until the next class … Nova tomorrow 😉

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