Throwback Thursday : 16 July 2012 .. Loire Valley, France

Throwback Thursday : 16 July 2012 .. Loire Valley, France

Three years ago, hubby and I were on the fabulous ‘Best of France’ Trafalgar Tour, and on this day, we were in the beautiful Loire Valley, stopping at the 16th century Château de Chenonceau .. stuff fairytales are made of !!   Only in children’s fairy stories had I seen pictures of castles like this!!  And there it was, in front of us as we walked down the tree lined road.  We had a fascinating tour of the interior and walked around the formal gardens.  Links to my posts are below

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16th century farm buildings : vegetable and flower gardens

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Our ‘Be my Guest’ dinner that evening was on Beatrice’s goat farm in Tours (Loire Valley).  A warm, friendly and delightfully charming woman ..


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Copy of IMG_6695

What a wonderful day and very special evening!   Great, great memories !!!

Links to posts :- .. Beatrice’s goat farm
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