Max is 4 months old !!

Max is 4 months old !!

I haven’t posted anything on Max for a while, who is now 4 months old!   I’ve taken so many photos which have ended up on my Facebook page, neglecting my blog page.  For the last two weeks we’ve been babysitting Elaine and Bryan’s, Hardy and in that time little Max has grown.   Rough and tumble playtime, exhausting for us, but so much fun for both doggies, with little Max growing in confidence as he learned to stand up for himself.


Hardy loved his ‘winter camp’ with us and we all miss him now that he’s gone back to his home.  He also gained confidence whilst being with us.   Having the boys on a daily basis encouraged him to get used to being around more humans all the time, as well as playtime with the boys and exploring our garden.  We also went for walks every day .. all of us!


Max has missed his best friend for the last few days and was delighted when Hardy came for a visit yesterday 🙂    Today, he’s had fun too.   Apart from our daily walk, he’s been gardening with me.  I am edging a flower bed with small log edging.  While I was digging the small trench, Max was having a ball, jumping in and out, scratching on the loose earth, darting in and out of flower beds and … grabbing my gardening gloves!!!  I had a new pair so gave him the older ones.   What fun he had!!!   Shaking them vigorously and bring them back to me to be thrown once again.  He’s very good at bringing back toys, balls etc  ..

Copy of IMG_8635

Copy of IMG_8636 Copy of IMG_8637

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Copy of IMG_8656

One more pic taken about 2 weeks ago … I love Max’s odd markings!!  Especially his eyes and eyelashes !!


Next post on Max  …. he goes to Puppy School now and loves it 🙂

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