Max goes to Puppy School

Max goes to Puppy School

We decided to take Max to puppy training, mainly because Elaine and Bryan took Hardy and they all seemed to enjoy it, with humans and puppy learning how to behave with each other.     We have been to 3 classes so far, run by   Shannon McKay   owner of  McKaynine Training Centre in Honeydew.

‘Shannon holds a cum laude BSc Zoology Honours degree and is also an accredited canine behaviourist and certified Super Pup trainer.  She has handled dogs to multiple champion titles and has been featured on Animal Planet, BBC Channel 5, local tv and radio and is also a regular writer for All About Dogs, Animal Talk and Showdogs.’   ‘McKaynine Puppy School is recommended by leading professionals in the field, and is one of the biggest full-service dog training facilities in South Africa on private premises.’

We are in good hands 🙂

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Keeping a close eye on Max is a Neopolitan Mastiff – gorgeous dark silvery grey .. all skin and large paws !!!

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Shannon explaining dog bones … femurs are best .. whole and raw !!!!!  I think no bones for our little Max !!!!!

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Duck attends all puppy classes … on the other side of the fence of course !

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Look at those wrinkles!!

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Free play:  at the first class, all pups were wary of each other, taking a while for them to actually play together.    Now that the pups are getting bigger, the ‘weanies’  and ‘others’ have separate free play.  Two large pups, Great Dane and Black Lab joined our weanie group, as I am assuming they were a little timid for the large group.  Max and Great Dane gelled instantly !   David and Goliath !!!!  Max is the smallest pup in class!!

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Max had great fun chasing Timid J.R.  All he wanted to do was play and this little one wasn’t so sure about a stocky smaller-than-her pup wanting a rough ‘n’ tumble game ..

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Sad looking Black Lab and friendly doggie in car caught Max’s attention ..

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Giving it another go with Timid J.R.  ..

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‘Re-call’ .. back to leads and handlers, with treats ..

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Maxie loved all the attention from little humans …

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Focus !!!    Good boy !!!

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Copy of Copy of Copy of IMG_8563

Can’t resist that wrinkly brow, nose and jowls !!!

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Obstacles are fun !!!   Max is a star !!

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Loose lead walking.  We do it all the time with him on our walks …. he doesn’t really need the treat 🙂

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He aced the maze first time !!!

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Apparently lots of dogs, mainly the larger breeds, don’t like going into small spaces like this.  The next step is to hide a treat in the tyre .. we’ll see if Max will find it next week

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It’s an amazing experience for puppy .. and his/her human family, even if you’ve had dogs forever like we have !!   Looking forward to our next class 🙂

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