Hint of spring in my garden

Hint of spring in my garden

When Connor and I were in the garden today, I spotted the late afternoon sun shining on the first, one and only,  flower of the pink flowering quince  : Chaenomeles.   Unfortunately the shrub is now in the shade having been planted 35 years ago and the upper branches only catch the sun in the afternoon.  I grew it from a cutting taken from a small shrub in the garden of the house we were renting while we built this house.  There wasn’t much in that garden .. this flowering quince had the most glorious of pink coloured flowers, I just had to try and propagate it.  I knew nothing about gardening but hallelujah, I had success.  Haven’t since then sadly and I haven’t seen another this colour in any nursery.  I think it’s time to try again

Copy of IMG_8744

I took a stroll around the garden to capture a few more ‘hints of spring’

White flowering quince ..

Copy of IMG_8760

Bougainvillea ..

Copy (2) of IMG_8767

Copy of IMG_8765

Copy of IMG_8764

Brunfelsia : Yesterday Today and Tomorrow …

Copy of IMG_8782

Copy of IMG_8778

Virginia Stocks …

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Copy of IMG_8788

Copy of IMG_8797

Copy of IMG_8792

Primula malacoides …

Copy of IMG_8771

Copy of IMG_8776

Copy of IMG_8777

Copy of IMG_8337

Looking forward to warmer days and nights (although most days are warmish lately interspersed with cold fronts that sweep across bring with it icy winds and low temps)

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