Elaine’s birthday picnic in the park

Elaine’s birthday picnic in the park

A week has passed since we celebrated Elaine’s birthday enjoying a picnic with friends and family on a glorious day in Delta Park.  Before she gets any older, 🙂  let me share some photos 😉

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Max and Lily met for the first time and had a ball playing together, and with Hardy …

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Pretty ‘Snow White’ came dressed in her gorgeous dress and showed everyone her ” tiny, tiny bunny ” in the palm of her hands 🙂


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We had a hero amongst us!    Two dogs, belonging to a lady who walked passed us,  jumped in and swam after ducks.  One of the dogs got into difficulty and began to panic.  The owner didn’t seem too concerned but we had all seen how frantic the dog became.  Bryan’s cousin stripped and swam across to help the dog, as did a lady from the other side …

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Our hero !!!

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A rare photograph !!   Jeanette with her camera!   See her photos and story here : Jeanette’s post

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It’s water .. not wine 🙂

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Jeanette capturing Lily napping …

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It was an awesome day !!!

Birthday cake .. choccie of course ;)… I made for her special day a few days before to picnic

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  1. I love how you guys do things like this as a family. Everybody comes together and celebrate. I haven’t had a birthday party or celebration since my 21st so for my 40th this year I’m having a big bash. Heading your way to Jozi for the Gauteng Getaway Show on Wednesday so got to get that done first before its party time next weekend.

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