Bees are busy .. it must be Spring !

Bees are busy .. it must be Spring !

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Spring or summer ?   The weather has changed.  Global warming perhaps?  Spring is usually chilly at night with warm days.  It’s supposed to be Spring but even though the nights are chilly-ish, the days are warmer than warm.     But anyway .. if we’ve missed Spring with a blink of an eye, and gone straight into Summer, my spring flowers and flowering shrubs will be struggling under the hotting up sun.

Soooo .. before they come and go in a flash, I’ve been out with my camera –

Viburnum tinus ‘lucidum’ …

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Prunus blireana ..

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Copy of IMG_9430

Clivia ..

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Copy of IMG_9401

Arum ..

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Strelitzia ..

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Copy of IMG_9423

Cape May ..

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Marguerite daisy ..

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Sweet peas ..

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Lavender ..

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Virburnum : – not sure which one – it’s deciduous and I’ve had it in my garden for many, many years.   It could be viburnum carlesii ..

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Copy of IMG_9438

Primula malacoides ..

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Jasmine ..

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Hebe ..

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Banksia ..

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I love Spring 🙂 !!!

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