Max graduated from Puppy School

Max graduated from Puppy School


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Our puppy classes came to an end yesterday¬†with a fun day for all the pups, as they graduated ūüôā¬† I wrote a post about¬†Max’s classes¬†a few weeks ago :

I didn’t include a link to the Puppy School if anyone¬†with new puppies is interested ūüôā ¬†:-

All puppies and people had a great time with puppies having to do the basics learnt¬†at ‘school’ while still having fun

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Our instructor Shannon ..

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Amazing how the puppies didn’t bother about the duck anymore!

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After all puppies were ‘tested’ on their basic skills .. ie sit, sit and down, and sit, stay and down, we all went on¬†a river walk, after which, pups were ‘tested’ on¬†a ‘long recall’ …

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I loved the large property with natural bush and trees ..

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Object of the exercise was firstly to have fun, with some pups going straight into the muddy water, others not attempting it at all, and others, like our Max, testing the waters edge ..

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Pups have also learnt to not go into other puppies space while on the lead ..

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Onward through the forest to another open spot – on a dam wall …

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Basic ‘sit’ ‘down’ etc were tested again.¬† In a different environment with ‘noise’ as she called it, all the pups did so well ūüôā¬† ‘Noise’ meant all the¬†different smells in an environment they’re not used to, or haven’t experienced before …

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Then it was time for a ‘long recall’, which we hadn’t done before.¬† Handlers had to hide behind the trees.¬† Once hidden, call excitedly to pup …

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Max was a little slow off the mark, but then went flat out to find hubby …

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I loved this gorgeous Lab .. reminded us of our Robbie …

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Giving a treat …


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Lastly was a relay race !!!!

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At the first beacon puppy had to stop and ‘sit’ on command, jump/climb (as is the case for littlies like Max!)¬†over the beam, go round end beacon, back over beam, stop, ‘sit’ and ‘down’ at beacon .. and so on to next puppy and handler.¬† Max waiting his turn ..

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Well done Max!!!¬†¬†¬† Proud parents, we are … so proud ¬†!!!

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