A stroll .. a lunch .. and a Black Eagle in the park

A stroll .. a lunch .. and a Black Eagle in the park

Continuing from our visit to Maropeng, Cradle of Mankind, (my posts: part 1 and part 2) … hubby and I, together with Mark, Cheryl and Aussie friends, we stopped, on our way home, at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for a light lunch

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Only in Africa !!!!

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Cape Weaver nibbling on titbits…

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Clivias en masse

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Photos don’t do justice to the brilliant shades of oranges to yellows on the forest floor …

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After lunch,  a stroll to Witpoortjie waterfall ..

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Residents to the gardens are a pair of Black Eagles which nest next to the waterfall …

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We were privileged to see Kendi, fledging of the pair of resident Black Eagles, testing his wings ..  (thank heavens for a zoom lens!)

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Bright midday sun is not ideal for landscape pics ..

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.. zoomed in to a Cape Weaver building his nest over the river   ..   (Zoom lens working over-time in the gardens !!)

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The gardens are spectacular at this time of year (and at any time of year 😉 )  … filled with only indigenous plants and trees.   Vast improvements have been made over the years creating a beautiful garden and experience for all

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We sadly bid farewell to our Aussie family and friends, the following day, as they continued their fabulous 52 day journey around Southern Africa .. wishing them safe travels .. and hope to see you all again soon xxx

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  1. Stopped for a quick visit here a couple of years ago. Didn’t get to see the eagles that day but the gardens and waterfall is stunning

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