Two favourites

Two favourites

October is rose blooming time .. despite the lack of rain!!!  My garden is surviving on a small sprinkler and/or hand-held hosepipe watering.  I don’t have an irrigation system (which I would love !!)  I have an oscillating spray which only works thoroughly when there is not a breath of wind, and, what we call a ‘tick-tick’ spray .. one of those used in large fields spurting arches of water in circles.  That’s only successful if you leave it on for at least an hour or more.  I swear by the small ‘rose’ sprinkler, giving a smallish area at a time a good soaking, the only hassle being it needs moving constantly

Two of my favourite roses are : Sylvia .. not only because it’s my Mum’s name and I planted it in her honour, but it’s very pretty  …

Copy of IMG_0545

The centre stays nice and tight in the middle as it opens

Copy of IMG_0575-Sylvia

Copy of IMG_0580-Sylvia

…  and Sharifa .. which I call Daddy’s rose as I was planting it when I got the call that my Dad had passed away .. and it has the most beautiful scent.   Have just noticed a little face right in the centre !!  Do you see it?

Copy of IMG_0563-sharifa Copy of IMG_0568-sharifa

Copy of IMG_0571-sharifa


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