Babysitting Hardy and Lily

Babysitting Hardy and Lily

Our two furry grand ‘babies’ have been spending the weekend with us while Elaine and Bryan jetted off for the weekend to Victoria Falls, celebrating their second wedding anniversary.  The first night was hectic!!!   All three dogs were on the go for 3 hours before they collapsed!!  Dashing here, there and everywhere!!   Under feet, through flower beds and shrubs, around and under tables and chairs!!!

Yesterday they were a bit calmer and today they have settled nicely.  Playtime is still boisterous and fast but rest-time has lengthened to normal juvenile doggy calm and snoozes.   Extremely hot weather is contributing to need to rest longer

Copy of IMG_0582

Lily found several cool spots at rest-time ..

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She’s such a pretty little girl 🙂 ..

Copy of IMG_0587

Max sleeping close by ..

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Hardy enjoying Max’s ‘boredom buster’  – a really hard bone which had a peanut butter type treaty stuff inside which is long gone, but the bone is still a winner.  I will get Maxie a new one when the ‘cousins’  go back home ..

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Max has been sharing all his toys, one being ‘fish’ .. a favourite of Lily’s …

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Lily’s turn with the bone ..

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Hardy tried taking it away ..

Copy of IMG_0618

umph .. well that didn’t work !

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Little Lily barking at the dogs next door 🙂  she adds in a short howl sometimes, as Beagles do 🙂

Copy of IMG_0623

Tug’o’war  ..

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Copy of IMG_0643

Gorgeous Hardy boy 🙂  He’s such a fabulous and intelligent dog …

Copy of IMG_0647

And another tug’o’war …

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Elaine told us that Lily likes to hide her special toy, Moose .. or ‘put it to bed’ as she said.  We hadn’t seen her doing this, until yesterday.  She’s taken a liking to ‘duck’ as well as ‘fish’, so much so she hid it in the bushes.  She didn’t know I was watching but only got the camera after she had tucked it away under leaves.  I was gobsmacked!!   She took ‘duck’ to this spot ..  put ‘duck’ down so that she could make a clearing with her paws and nose .. picked up ‘duck’ and placed him gently down in her ‘nest’ … then covered ‘duck’ up with her nose

Copy of IMG_0658

Copy of IMG_0657

Satisfied, she did a round-about exit round the back of the bushes and came out via a pathway.   And there I was, with camera in hand!!

Yikes .. granny found my hiding place!!!    Sooo, she proceeded to unearth ‘duck’ ..

Copy of IMG_0660 Copy of IMG_0662 Copy of IMG_0663

Copy of IMG_0664

Dashed to find another hiding place, but this time Max saw her ..

Copy of IMG_0665

Now a little confused … she didn’t know where to hide ‘duck ‘ ..

Copy of IMG_0669 Copy of IMG_0670

Ahhh poor Lily-Pily 🙁  no privacy to hide duck !!

Copy of IMG_0682

Goodnight sweet doggies

Copy of IMG_0698 Copy of IMG_0699

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