Throwback Thursday : Memories from end-of-year 1997

Throwback Thursday : Memories from end-of-year 1997

Memories and highlights of 1997 is drawing to a close, but not before Elaine’s ballet school end of year concert, a quick trip up to Zimbabwe to see my Mum and Dad and our new puppy, Robbie !!!

Elaine, winner of the tennis Plate Division …

Nov 97 - tennis

Elaine was chosen to dance at ‘Cecchetti Youth – 1997’  …

Nov 97 - ballet 1

Michele’s Ballet School end-of-year concert :  ‘A touch of Spain’

Nov 97 - ballet 2

Nov 97 - ballet 4

‘Snowflake’ in the Ugly Duckling …

Nov 97 - ballet 3

Four snowflakes …

Nov 97 - ballet 6

Snowflakes and Snow Queen …

Nov 97 - ballet 5

I flew up to Harare to spend a few days with Mum and Dad.   Used the video camera mostly and remember taking videos of my parents in their cottage, and my Mum’s beautiful small garden that surrounded the cottage.

My Dad’s depression was worsening at that time and he didn’t venture far from the front door, so it was only Mum and I who went out to lunch at Malwatte Farmhouse Restaurant, Marondera celebrating hubby’s and my wedding anniversary on 4th Dec.  Mum looks so well here.  My heart breaks thinking of how she is and what she looks like now 🙁   I am going down to the Cape next Wednesday for a few days to spend some precious time with her again …

Dec 97 - Mum lunch

Ian had been in Harare on business for a few days too and we travelled back to Johannesburg together by car.   Travelling within Zimbabwe often had it’s mishaps.  This time we had a puncture!!   On other trips with hubby and children: we hit a large bird which broke a front headlight … missed a huge kudu bull by inches as it leapt over the bonnet of our moving car (so close I could see it’s spots on the underbelly!!) … another leaping smaller buck’s bum landed on side bonnet (poor thing limped away into the bushes) … snapped fan belt … drove through swarm after swarm of white butterflies (very messy car exterior after that) … these are incidents that come to mind.  Hitting buck is fairly common on that main road .. silly animals seemed to stand and wait at the edge of the road and then at the last minute decide to make a dash across !!

Dec 97 - Ian 1

Ian spotted an old railway station off the main road.  We drove in to have a look and he thought it a good idea to take this old scale home with us !!!!   Thank heavens it wouldn’t budge!!

Dec 97 - Ian

December 21st :  the day hubby brought home our adorable Robbie – 7 weeks old.  He went to the shops for a newspaper and came home with a Labrador puppy – our Christmas puppy/dog !!!   He said he was the last one of a litter in a reliable pet shop and just couldn’t walk away 🙂    BTW Daniella is wearing her t’shirt from the Centenary Train (previous post)

Dec 97 - Robbie 1

Gorgeous Robbie .. we loved him dearly and will always be missed 🙁

Dec 97 - Robbie 1_0001

Cottonwool clouds to end 1997 …

Dec 97 - clouds

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