Some photos from Somerset West

Some photos from Somerset West

Balancing act !!

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Ian and I had a lovely lunch with our dear friends Ray and Carol at the Goatshed, Fairview Wine and Cheese Estate in Paarl …  It was cool under the shaded terrace with bubbling water feature behind us.  Lots of wine and laughter 🙂 🙂 🙂  A really enjoyable day 🙂  thanks Ray and Carol for coming all that way 🙂

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Ian’s biker’s vest ..

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Sequence of photos :  I took these from the deck of Ian and Kathy’s home when Alan, Kathy’s brother, came to fetch her for work.  They have a unique and special bond for siblings.  Such a joy to witness !!   He has recently moved to Somerset West to help out in Ian’s factory and has been a breath of fresh air, especially for Kathy, who is going through a third bout of chemo.  I have deep admiration and love for her.   She is truly an inspiration!!!

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The photo below is from a visit last year to Mum.   The Old Aged Home is not far from here … looking toward the Helderberg Mountain and Helderberg Nature Reserve.   Last week, after visiting Mum I drove to the other side of the forest of trees on left of pic ..

IMG_1037 (2) - 07.05.2014-Helderberg Mountain

This is the view from there, looking towards the Hottentots-Holland Mountain Range ..

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Ian and Kathy’s stunning gravel garden with a view to False Bay, Simonstown and Cape Point …

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Olive thrush ( I think!  Our olive thrush’s on the Highveld are paler, but it sounded like one) ..

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Lastly, an early morning view from their deck looking towards False Bay, Strand and Gordon’s Bay …

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going back to see Mum in January

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