Flowers despite the lack of rain

Flowers despite the lack of rain

Despite the lack of rain for this time of the year, I do have some flowers in my garden.   Water restrictions were implemented a few weeks ago therefore, besides others, gardens can only be watered from 6pm to 6am.   Not difficult if you have an irrigation system.  I don’t.  A small rose spray does the job well, for me, giving each spot a good soaking despite the hassle of constantly moving it from one spot another.   I end up watering a few spots in an evening.  Having to keep going outside to move said spray while preparing our evening meal and other chores is a hassle.   And then there is the wind!  It blows day after day !!  Blowing the rain away, I suspect.  Sometimes blowing a gale!   Branches and even trees are falling all over suburbs!

If I have the time, I water by hand and I can cover a larger area with less water .. if not, the rose spray is used in about 4 places before it gets really dark.  I suppose I could go out there with a torch!!  Waking before the crack of dawn is something we did forever until hubby went on pension!   One of the nicest things about going on pension is NOT having to get up before the crack of dawn to make tea, brekkie and fill hubby’s lunch box!!

Before restrictions :


My pavement garden is looking extremely sad.  That is getting the worst end of the deal.  I don’t feel safe standing with a hosepipe as night falls, or for that matter before the crack of dawn … or putting on the rose spray when a quarter of the water is blown onto the road because of this darn wind!!!

BUT … I do have some flowers in my garden 🙂 … daylilies

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Asiatic Lily ..

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Despite the intense heat most days, hydrangeas are blooming .. not profusely but there are some.   Several bushes partly catch the hot afternoon sun which need a gently spray and cooling off in the evenings.  Either the sun has moved to a different spot in space or the felling of neighbours trees has opened up the sky for the baking-hot angled sun’s rays ..

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