Our family Christmas .. 2015

Our family Christmas .. 2015

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, love and laughter .. good food and wine .. and lots of prezzies

This was ours …

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Christmas Eve was spent under a full moon on Jeanette and Lance’s patio with the most delicious roast lamb and veggies for dinner.   We don’t usually do a Christmas Eve dinner when we have our family gathered the following day but this was a good idea when we would normally have sat in our respective homes .. alone.  Thanks my girl, it was lovely.  I have ‘done’ several Christmas’s with a Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch.  It’s exhausting !

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Christmas morning :  Santa left Maxi a prezzie!  We have been used to our dogs opening their prezzies.  Robbie and Jackie loved ripping off the paper!!  Max wasn’t so sure about this ritual.  Poor Maxie doesn’t have an older dog to copy 🙁  but he was delighted with his new squeaky balls 🙂

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We had our family gathering at Elaine and Bryan’s.  Elaine asked us to go early for tea and opening of personal prezzies ie me to hubby/hubby to me and like-wise with Elaine and Bryan ..

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A floppy Santa for Max from Hardy and Lily 🙂  which he loves.  Shaking the living daylights out of it and squeezing it’s squeaky tummy ..

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Santa brought Lily a moose which she loved to bits but she had her eye on Hardy’s new reindeer for a while !

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From hubby to me 🙂  my favourite Dior perfume and a gorgeous Hamley bear, which I fell in love with, a few weeks ago, when I took the boys to the new Hamley’s store in Sandton.  Maybe Scotland should be our next overseas trip as it’s home to my paternal grandparents and ancestors  …

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Doggies watching hubby open his prezzie from me …  (no it’s not a yoga mat or enormous whisky bottle .. it’s a small Persian rug for hubby to put his feet on when he reads/relaxes/snoozes in the chair

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Lily testing the rug to see if it’s suitable for her grandpa 🙂

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Bryan gave Elaine a box filled with a heap of framed memories … one extremely delighted and tears-of-love-and-happiness girl …

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Nice specs Bryan !!

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Lily loves to ‘nest’.  She takes a toy, bone, or whatever she wants to keep, nuzzles her way into a spot and either covers up her ‘treasure’ for later or, as she did here with her new moose, settles down with it.  She’s a very sweet girlie

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I loved Elaine’s flowers everywhere.  My first thoughts were of my Mum who would definitely approve 🙂

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Although they moan a bit, we have to have our customary Christmas piccie of the children.  We’ve done this over a few years, when they were old enough to sit still (!).  It’s lovely to see how they’ve grown

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Summertime Christmas fun …

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We usually have a cold Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.  This year Elaine and Bryan added delicious and absolutely-perfectly-cooked-by-Bryan prawns to the menu.  Perfect for a hot day ..

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We decided the time was right to open our bottle of family wine.  Distant family.  Two bottles actually.   Elaine had one and we had another.  A 2008 Nuits Saint-George aux Saint Juliens from Domaine de Montille in Volnay, France

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Ceremonial opening and pouring of the family wine by my hubby, naturally …  he is a de Montille  😉 

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Excellent wine !!   .. and now it’s finished .. both bottles 🙁   I suggested we should all, as a family, rent a villa in France for a holiday and buy another bottle or two, or three .. … …

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Jeanette and Lance don’t often having their photo taken.   Today was the day !

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My beautiful family 🙂    (using my camera on the 10sec delay function which I’ve not used before.  I’m pleased with the result 🙂 )

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