Cycas revoluta vs Amorphophallus titanum

Cycas revoluta vs Amorphophallus titanum

Strange comparison!!!  And not remotely related!!  These two plant species are absolutely categorically poles apart then why put them in the same blog post !!

Well … there is an Amorphophallus titanium – Titan arum, flowering at the moment at Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens in Adelaide which hasn’t flowered in almost a decade .. .

I have a Cycas revoluta – sago palm, which is also flowering at the moment which hasn’t flowered in more than a decade!!  In fact this is the first time it’s flowered since I planted it more than a decade ago.

My friend, Vicky, in Adelaide was one of thousands who queued to view this largest flower in the world, which sadly only flowers for 48 hours!   Lots of energy is used to heat up the flower thus releasing a rotten meat aroma which attract pollinators.    I’m sure she won’t mind if I copy and paste her Instagram photograph :-


Web page to see and read all about this amazingly enormous, almost 2 metres high,  is as follows :

Apparently it’s not classed as the largest single flower in the world but is the largest non-branched inflorescence  … The inflorescence of the titan arum is composed of two parts. The outer purple vase-like sheath is called the spathe. It protects the inner tube-like structure called the spadix, and its meat-like color serves to attract pollinators. The flowers are small and located on the spadix; there are hundreds of flowers hidden beneath the spathe :   Titan arum FAQs

To me it’s one gigantic flower !!!!!!!!

Now for my cycad which is so small in comparison .. but as I said, flowering for the very first time after more than 10 years!!  This is what it looked like on 23rd November  :-

Copy of IMG_1123

Copy of IMG_1116 Copy of IMG_1120 Copy of IMG_1122

This is what it looked like on 10th December more than two weeks later.    It’s a boy!!   We have a male plant 😉

Copy of IMG_1249

Copy of IMG_1255

Copy of IMG_1252

This is what it looks like today …

Copy (2) of IMG_1663

Copy of IMG_1666 Copy of IMG_1669 Copy of IMG_1670

It seems to be dying off.  Will it flower again next year, I wonder?

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