Max and the garbage collection

Max and the garbage collection

For some time Max has not been well.  We put it down to the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing.  Time after time, visits to the Vet end up with a clean bill of health.  Even at puppy training we were told that dogs feel the heat like humans.   Some days he would be perky, bouncy and eating well.  Some days he wasn’t interested in playing or eating.

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A few days ago he looked very unhappy and seemingly in pain.   Back to Vet once more.   Because of his history of back and forth visits, the Vet decided to do xrays as he looked sore and uncomfortable

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Surprise, surprise .. there was a small spring either in his stomach or intestines (difficult to see exact location).  My first thought was the little spring in a clothes peg.  The following day he was back for more xrays to see if the spring had moved.  No luck.  It looked as if it was hooked.    Next plan of action …. a scan to pinpoint exact spot of offending item before having it removed by surgery.  The problem was it was the New Year holiday weekend where no-one is available except a 24hr emergency specialist Veterinary Surgery which costs more than an arm and a leg.   We decided to wait ’til today to see if we could have the scan at our Vet.   They have someone who brings a portable scanner but, as we found out today, was only available later on this week.  Another surgery close by was fully booked for today

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Our Vet, in collaboration with the head Vet and owner of surgery decided they would do the op today as Max was in pain.   I remember our Robbie, at 6 months old,  had a piece of bone stuck in his stomach and had to cut open to retrieve it.  But if I recall, he was vomiting and constipated, quite different to what Max was going through.

Vet phoned to say all went well.  No damage to intestine or stomach lining.  Offending spring was in the stomach with a whole heap of foreign objects!!! .. which didn’t show on xrays, I suppose because they weren’t metal.

Max’s little tummy was filled with feathers, plastic, wood and all sorts of stuff!!  The object that seemed to be causing the discomfort and pain was a piece of a hard plastic ball with jagged edges.  Wished I’d asked her to keep this piece as I’d like to know what ball it was.  It could have been a ball from way back played with by the children and lost in the garden.  Hubby and I have been careful giving him suitable doggie toys and balls

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And the spring?   Well, it turned out it wasn’t the right size for a clothes peg spring.  I finally fathomed out what it was.  It came from a toggle which tightens/loosens a cord running around the top of Max’s round doggie bed.  I cannot remember off-hand when I discovered it went missing!!!  Definitely weeks ago!!!  So, in other words he had eaten the entire toggle!!

We are going to have to be extra vigilant as what goes in that mouth of his!

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~~~~ Photos taken two days ago after the most welcome storm accompanied by hail unfortunately …. and only 12mm but at least it rained!!! ~~~~

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