Ladybird books are 100 years old

Ladybird books are 100 years old

2015 saw the centenary anniversary of the Ladybird books.  I was under the impression that it was this year as I’ve recently seen related posts on Facebook and elsewhere, but in fact the first book was published in 1915.  “In 1940 the first pocket sized hardbacked book was produced.  The iconic mini hardbacked format was made out of a single sheet of paper, 40 inches x 30 inches, cleverly printed to make a 56 page book.  They were sold at half a crown (two shillings and sixpence for thirty years)”.  

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I simply love them!   They’re easy to hold, easy to read, and the pictures are delightful.  My children and grandchildren have grown up with them.  I have built up quite a collection over the years, the oldest one being ‘Smoke and Fluff’ which was given to Jeanette by my Granny when she was about two ..

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My library of Ladybird books spanning 42 years !!!

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Bradley loved books .. and still does.  I read to him all the time.  As a small baby I would hold a book in one hand, flipping the pages with my fingers, and feed him his bottle at the same time.  I didn’t need to read the words, I knew them all, or most of them anyway !!!


The three nursery rhyme books were favourites, as they were for Elaine.  Before I purchased them, I used to take one from the library for her, alternating books.  She wanted to feel as special as Jeanette and Carl coming away from the library with a book!   She was two when I bought her own three books (written inside each one is her name and date – Xmas 1988) .. that’s how I know old she was 🙂

I used to rotate the books for Bradley which were kept in a basket.  Once the first one in the row was read, it was slotted at the back, and so on.  It kept me sane !!  Eventually I had two baskets of books and as he got older, and after Connor came along, my collection of kiddies books grew and grew.

I noticed in a bookshop, the other day, some reprints of the Ladybird books.  They’re in the ‘Read it Yourself’ series.  I must say I wasn’t too partial to the look of the faces in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs …. but Thumbelina wasn’t too bad.

An interesting short video on the centenary anniversary follows on this link :

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