Max loved his walks in the greenbelt

Max loved his walks in the greenbelt

I have found a few more photos of Max taken at the beginning of December last year when I used my small camera on a walk in the greenbelt.  Max loved his walks.  He trotted along in even but small strides, tail up and swaying from side to side, head held high and the end of ears flapping with every step.   He always looked from one side of the road the other, mainly at barking dogs behind closed gates and not flinching or stopping to respond.  As our neighbour said, as tiny as he was,  it looked as if he ‘owned’ the road!!!!

Copy of P1090087 Copy of P1090088

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Copy of P1090096

Connor and Max having a tug o’ war (which is actually a video but I can’t find it within the depths of all the info on the computer 🙁 )

Copy of P1090078

Miss you my little Maxie-poo 🙁

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